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Gallery 18

April 2014: Riverside Photographers

Riverside Photographers are the Y’s
April Artists of the Month.

'Natural Light'

The many ways natural light can be used to create captivating images forms the central theme of a new exhibit on display for the month of April. Riverside Photographers is a diverse group of men and women from the area who became acquainted with each other through the Landscape Photography classes taught by award-winning photographer and author Benjamin Swett at Wave Hill. The 'Natural Light' exhibit offers a wide variety of photographs from Riverdale and the Bronx, as well as locations around the world.

Photographers: Beverly Joachim Barker,
John P. Clarke, Patricia Danaher, Barbara Lewin,
Trish Mayo, Eileen Sanna, Jane E.S. Sokolow
& Howard Tarragon

Come and catch the show at the Y!


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