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3 Sisters Art Show

Featuring Dorothy Feldman, Ruth Licht and Carolyn Graybow

November 29, 2015 - January 3, 2016

Artist Reception: December 13th 12:30 PM-2:30 PM



The tree Resnick sisters have been artists all their lives. Their talents have been recognized first at the High School of Music and Art. They took many courses since then and developed their own artistic paths – but they have never had the chance to exhibit together. They all live in Riverdale – and the Y’s Gallery 18 is offering them an opportunity to show their work in the "3 Sisters" Show.


Carolyn Resnick Graybow studied at the High School of Music and Art and majored in Fine Arts at Hunter College. Then she took classes at the New York Horticultural Society, St. John's University, the New York Botanical Garden, 92Y, Wave Hill, and the JCC in Manhattan. She generally works with pencil, charcoal, and pastels, and oils.


“I enjoy crafting landscapes or still life, and make art the same way that I create my vegetarian meals: I observe what I've chosen, absorb the essence of it, and then, without following a formula or recipe, I create something unique.”






Ruth Resnick Licht’s artistic awareness was amplified in Junior High School when she was in its “Special Art” program for talented students. She felt privileged to have a look into a world different from her own. She took art classes on an on-going basis: studied watercolor painting at the Botanical Garden and at various workshops in the Tri-State area. Currently she is studying sculpture with a local artist, Harriet Belag.


“I am mesmerized by the feel of the clay. Turning a ball of clay into a sculpture is exhilarating. Each week I look forward to the time I spend in the studio. It is truly “me” time.”







Dorothy Resnick Feldman studied art at The High School of Music and Art and at Hunter College. After an almost 40 year professional career as an educator, administrator, college adjunct lecturer, and office holder in various professional organizations, she retired and has had the opportunity to take drawing and watercolor classes on a regular basis.


“I am balancing the discipline of portrait and figure drawing classes, with the more spontaneous nature of watercolor painting. As I refine my drawing and painting techniques I am mindful that “art” is a process; a “masterpiece” is not the result of a first effort—but just as in writing, there is always a first draft with opportunities to revise. Patience!”



Lynn Savarese

Selections from Two Series: My Still Life Aviary and Water Paints

November 4th through November 29th


Lynn Savarese is a photographer whose work focuses on intimate observation. Originally from a small town in Texas, Savarese resided and traveled throughout the world before making New York City her home in the early ‘80s following her graduation from Harvard Law School. After careers in corporate law and investment banking and a lengthy sabbatical to raise her family and pursue volunteer work for various human rights organizations, Savarese finally found her passion—photography.


Savarese was first introduced to taxidermy as a volunteer photographer for the American Museum of Natural History in NYC. Although enthralled by the enigmatic beauty and character of mounted aviary specimens which are the subjects of her Still Life Aviary series, Savarese never lost sight of man’s hubris in turning these animals into replicas of themselves and the inherent irony in striving to achieve a kind of immortality for them by killing them. Doubly ironic, however, is that she never felt more deeply the wonder and beauty of our animal kin than in her close-up encounters with these mounted birds. More about her photography: here.




Figurative and Geometric Abstract: An exhibit by Matthew Turov



While there is often a distinction between abstract painting and figure painting, the two merge in Riverdale-based artist Matthew Turov’s work. Spatial and color relationships fascinate him, along with what he describes as, “I'm in love with color and the timeless truth of form giving rise to beauty.”

The painter, who works primarily with acrylic on canvas and occasionally with temp paint, delved into art when he was 19. He was born in Oceanside, Long Island. In the 1970s, he attended the Art students League of New York at West 57th Street. After that, he went on to Hunger College, where he focused on color theory. From a young age Matthew Turov was fascinated by both stylized Egyptian art and the aesthetics of the Italian futurists, who focused on technology and the zeitgeist of the 20th century. That movement is captured in his paintings, some of which measure as large as 6 by 6 feet, though he has scaled back on larger works in favor of the smaller figurative works that characterize his work since 2006.

 More about his work.




1000 Faces of Riverdale - Children's Edition: A photo exhibit by Arnold Adler



Riverdale resident Arnie Adler is proud to exhibit thirty portraits taken for the 1000 Faces of Riverdale project.  One Thousand Faces documents and celebrates the diversity of one of Bronx’s most dynamic neighborhoods. These children’s photos were taken from 2011-2013.


Adler’s goal is to have a positive impact on the town of Riverdale, by connecting individuals and sometimes isolated neighbors through photography.  “Riverdale often feels segmented,” he observes.  He points to divisions along financial, cultural, religious, and ideological lines.  “I hope the 1,000 Faces of Riverdale project helps show how diverse groups can come together to create a community.”


Arnie has been a successful professional photographer since 1984.  His client roster is filled with distinguished corporate, editorial and private clients, as well as Riverdalians who have called on him to capture happy moments at weddings and bar mitzvahs. 



Amoree Beeckman, Joyce Dutka & Jane Messner


Jean Messner studied at the School of Art and Design and received a National Scholastic Art Award for drawing. She spent a decade working in the fashion industry in New York as a fashion illustrator. Still pursuing her love of fine art she studied painting and drawing at the Art Students League for twenty years and is a voting member since 2007. At the League she received an Honorable Mention for figurative painting. Wanting to expand her experience in art, Jean attended Hunter College in 2012 to pursue an interest in graphic design and digital art. She has started exploring and now creates paintings on the iPad as a new medium. Messner has participated in numerous group shows in New York City galleries. She also lectures to art groups on painting techniques and how to paint digitally.


Joyce Dutka after many years of painting in watercolor, sculpting in stone, and recently clay, has lately been devoting time to exploring acrylic painting.  This Riverdalian paints still life, landscapes, and birds.  This show will be the latest work completed during four years.  Her mentor is Danny Hauben.  She is the volunteer curator of gallery 18 and loves discovering new artists and exhibiting their work.   A member of The Riverdale Art Association which she started sixteen years ago and is currently Program Chair.


Amoree Beeckman has been a member of the Riverdale Art Association since its inception in l999.  She has exhibited throughout Westchester and Riverdale and won many blue ribbon awards.  The most recent was at the Vintage Art Show where she was given an award for pastel.



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