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Adult Sports

Adult 18+ Drop-In Basketball

Tuesdays, 7:00pm–9:45pm

Drop-in fee: $10.00 per person; FREE FOR MEMBERS!

Adult pick-up basketball is here! Welcoming all basketball abilities, from the high school level to former collegiate athletes. Come shoot hoops and play pick-up games. Use of scoreboard allows us to play full-court games to 10 points or the team that is leading after 10 minutes. In the case of a tie, next point wins. Depending on the volume, the gym splits in half for two full-court games.

The Adult Basketball League resumes Fall 2014.  Stay tuned!

Adult Drop-In Soccer

Wednesday, 9:00pm–10:45pm

Drop-in fee: $10.00 per person; FREE FOR MEMBERS!

Racquetball Tournaments

  • Double elimination — guaranteed to play at least two games.
  • Men’s and women’s brackets if registration permits.
  • Beginner and intermediate brackets if registration permits.

Court Rules:

  1. Make a reservation and be on time.
  2. Court shoes (white soled) are suggested footwear.
  3. Warm up and stretch before playing.
  4. Eat right prior to playing. Hydrate properly before and during play.
  5. Wear safety glasses when on the court.
  6. Always knock before entering a court.
  7. Be courteous of other players and show respect.

Court Policies:

The primary use of the 4 wall courts is for Racquetball, Paddleball and Handball. However, when the courts are not being used for one of these primary purposes, it is acceptable to play Tennis, Badminton, and Pickle Ball.

Reservation Policy:

  1. Only members can reserve a court. Non-member partners will need to purchase a day or guest pass before playing.
  2. To reserve a court you must provide your name and phone number.
  3. Members may only reserve one court for one hour.
  4. Reservations may be made daily up to a week in advance.
  5. Please be on time for your court.
  6. Upon arrival, check in with the receptionist.
  7. No back to back bookings will be taken.
  8. After a 15 minute grace period, your court will be released and a $5 no show fee will be charged to the members that booked the court.
  9. Please cancel your reservation 24 hours in advance to avoid the $5 no show fee.

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