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Infant and Toddler Aquatics


A swim cap is required for every swimmer regardless of age or gender.

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Felicha Bennett, 
Aquatics Director

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Children will learn with their peers in these focused and fun swim classes. Safety, self-propulsion, buoyancy and proper breath control are at the core of learning to swim. Class groups are formed by age and by swim abilities based on the American Red Cross levels 1–5.

Level 1: Introduction to water skills. The purpose of level 1 is to orient students to the aquatic environment and help them gain basic swim skills.
Level 2: Fundamental aquatic skills. Students will continue to build upon the basic swim skills and water safety.  Students will be encouraged to swim without support.
Level 3: Stroke development. Students will swim independently and work on building endurance and strength to swim using proper swim techniques for the front crawl with rhythmic breathing, back crawl, elementary back stroke. Students will learn breaststroke, scissor kick and dolphin kick.
Level 4: Stroke improvement. Students become more proficient in the strokes introduced in level 3.  Butterfly and Sidestroke are introduced. Competition style swim techniques are developed.
Level 5: Stroke refinement. Students refine their performance of six swimming strokes and improve endurance and strength.

Parent & Baby/Child
This class incorporates songs and games as parents/caregivers learn how to properly hold and support infants in the water. Toddlers are introduced to breath control, buoyancy on tummy and back, and how to move on the tummy and back. (Adult participation in the water required.)   
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Instructors use age and skill appropriate activities to build water confidence as toddlers get familiar with the aquatic environment and acquire rudimentary aquatic skills.  Students develop a positive attitude and learn safe practices in and around water. Levels 1–3 are recognized in pre-school swimmers. (Drop off class, no adult participation required in the water.)


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