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The Riverdale Y! is home to a strong and diverse performing arts department. Every year we host at least 6 plays and musicals, concerts, events, recitals and more. Our department is dedicated to bringing quality performances and productions to the Bronx.

The Performing Arts Department leads 3 regular theater companies:

Riverdale Rising Stars is our award-winning teen program.  The teen program is open to those who are age 12 and in 7th grade through age 18, High School Seniors.  Participation is by audition only.  Auditions are held twice a year.  The teens perform two Musicals throughout the regular season and a Summer Stock show each summer, which is open to current Rising Stars and Alumni who are still in College.  In addition to our regular season, our Rising Stars will be touring a theatrical piece called, BANG, BANG YOU'RE DEAD - a moving theatrical play about the tragic mass gun shootings that have been all too prevalent in our society.  
Show dates this year are currently scheduled for December 3-18 and March 4-19. There are 6 performances of each production.  There will also be an end of the year Musical Revue or Play.
The Rising Stars rehearse Sunday's from 4:30-6:30pm and Thursday's from 6:30-8:30pm.  There are a few "marathon Sunday's" in the weeks prior to production and, of course, our Tech Week we hold nightly rehearsals.
Please visit Riverdale Rising Stars for  information about our Fall Auditions.  You will find specific audition dates/times and material to prepare.  Auditions are scheduled for the week of September 12.
The tuition for RRS is $625, $575 for Y members.   Please note that we offer need-based scholarships and work-study programs for the teens.
Jr. Rising Stars is our award winning Junior program.  RRS Jr. is open to children ages 7 to 11.  Participation is by audition only.  We typically have two casts of each Jr. Rising Stars show.  Auditions are held twice a year.  The Jr's perform two musicals per season.  During our 2016-17 Season we will be dividing the Jr's into two groups.  Our children who are ages 7-9 will perform one show and our children ages 9-11 will perform another.  Each group will present their show for 3 performances.  

The Jr. Rising Stars rehearse on Sunday afternoons. As we get nearer to production time we add a weekday late afternoon rehearsal for some of the principle cast members.  Our tech week prior to opening we rehearse nightly.
Show dates this year are scheduled for January 7-15 and May 18-28.
Our Fall Auditions are scheduled for the week of September 12.  Please visit Riverdale Rising Stars  for audition information.   The tuition for Jr. Rising Stars is $545, $495 form Y members.
Please note that we offer need-based scholarships for Jr. Rising Stars.
Riverdale Rep is our Adult Community Theater Program for ages 18+.  Our Rep group performs two musicals per year; one being a Multi-Generational Musical which includes members of all of our Resident Theater Companies.
Rep show dates are scheduled for November 12-19 and February 4-12.
The Rep typically rehearses Sunday's, Monday's & Tuesday's as needed.

There is no tuition for our Rep shows but we do request a membership fee of $145 per production.  The members of the Rep company also hold fundraisers throughout the year.  
Auditions for the first show of the year will be the week of September 5.  Please visit Riverdale Rising Stars for specific audition information.

Riverdale Performing Arts Conservatory

Every season the Riverdale Y! offers special theater classes for children and adults, seasoned thespians and new talent.

Program Contacts

Laurie Walton, ext. 208
Director of Performing Arts

Shawn Renfro
Managing Dir. of Performing Arts

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