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RYDC (Riverdale Y Day Camp) @ PS 24


Entering Grades 1st -6th 


A full day of non-stop fun and excitement for campers who want a wide variety of hands-on activities including creative and performing arts, soccer, basketball, instructional and recreational swimming, floor hockey, music, Ga-ga and field activities. RYDC will also be visited by special guests and include our talent shows, theme days and Olympics.

We will have full use of the gymnasium @ PS 24 in addition to Seton Park, located just outside the school. All swimming will take place at the Riverdale Y. Sports will be broken down by skills to include all abilities and provide top-notch instruction of the fundamentals. Sportsmanship, dedication, teamwork, leadership and effort will always be taught and recognized.

Our Arts program will inspire and broaden horizons while providing new challenges and experiences through the use of computers, music and crafts. Working together, creating new memories and strengthening bonds will all be found at RYDC.

Program Contact

Joe Smith, ext. 261
Camping, Family and
Youth Services







RYDC is housed in the P.S.24 Annex. Children enjoy outdoor activities at Seton Park and travel to the Ruverdale Y each afternoon for swim lessons.


Program Hours


Drop off 8:30 am at the



Pick Up at 5:00 pm at the 

Riverdale Y

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