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Teen Travel Adventure Camp


Entering Grades 7-10


No time to sit — we’re going on a trip! Broadway shows, broadcast studios, amusement parks, mystery bus rides, professional baseball games, museums and ropes courses are just a small part of our program. Campers will experience various forms of entertainment and the great outdoors in a variety of settings. Past overnight trips have included Club Getaway, Boston, Vermont, Washington DC, Baltimore and Williamsburg. This summer will provide challenging experiences for our teens including stays at overnight camps in addition to exciting destinations.

Lifelong friendships and the experience of hitting the road each day make Teen Travel Adventures such a unique opportunity. Not only will campers be a part of the best in summer fun, but they will also learn how to be responsible leaders within their communities. Take this journey with friends and make some memories!

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Joe Smith, ext. 261
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Charlie Schiller, ext. 229
Teen Travel Adventure Camp



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