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Rhoda Grundman Music School

The Rhoda Grundman Music School first opened its doors in September 1999, since then The Y's professionally-trained and personable instructors have connected our community to the beauty and joy of music through private instruction in voice, piano, violin, guitar, and other instruments. We offer lessons for kindergarteners to adults, catering the pace to the individual student's age and ability.

Enrollment at the school continues to grow and includes a healthy mix of students of kindergarten age to adults. Each student, of whatever age and ability, proceeds at a comfortable pace which moves from success to success.

We offer two 16-session semesters each year, plus 5-lesson fleximesters
during July and August. Semesters end in a school-wide music recital.

Once lessons are confirmed, new students pay for five trial lessons, and then in advance for the remainder of the semester. Ongoing students pay in advance for each 16-lesson semester and for each fleximester.
Lesson Length 5-Lesson
Trial Period
Per Lesson
  Reg / YM Reg / YM Reg / YM
20 minutes $130 / $115 $416 / $368 $28 / $24
30 minutes $165 / $150 $528 / $480 $35 / $31
40 minutes $205 / $190 $656 / $608 $43 / $39
60 minutes $280 / $265 $896 / $848 $58 / $54


Reg = Regular; YM = Y Member

For more information, contact Allen Sher at (718) 548-8200, ext. 256.


Missed lessons: Only lessons canceled by the teacher will be made up. As a courtesy, students who miss a lesson should contact the teacher and the school.


Ensemble duets may include: two pianos; one piano-four hands; piano with string or wind; two winds; two strings; one string and one wind. 

Ensemble for 2 partners will be matched by ability. Classes and scheduling are flexible. Each "Ensemble for 2" program will consist of ten 30-minute classes for each session. These classes will be coached by faculty members of the Rhoda Grundman Music School.

Fee: for each participant for ten 30-minute sessions is $190 / $170 Y Members.


A unique and friendly atmosphere to begin playing the piano. Classes are kept small and schedules are flexible to accommodate students' needs. Open to children and adults. (Eight 40-minute sessions)
Fee: $136 / $120 Y Members

The David Froehlich Endowment Fund provides scholarships from $100–$750 to encourage young musicians. Students, ages 8–15, who live or study in Riverdale, and are recommended by a music teacher, are eligible to apply.

Music teachers may submit a maximum of 6 applications per year on behalf of students who demonstrate an appreciation of music and a potential to progress on their chosen instrument. For more information or to receive an application packet, call  (718) 548-8200, ext. 256.



Lauri Walton, (718) 548-8200 ext. 208
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