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Guided by the leadership of our talented Dance
Director, Kelly D’Amboise, and Assistant Dance Director, Pam Lenker, Riverdale Dance continues to thrive and grow as we nurture our Riverdale community members who want to dance, and inspire the youth in our area through a variety of dance offerings. With something to offer for all ages and levels, our dance classes are taught by working professionals, all of whom are committed to excellence and creativity. Please note that we are adding 3 new teachers to our wonderful Dance staff this year.
Classes begin September 12, 2011

Combo Classes

Tap/Ballet Combo
(Ages 3-4)

Both tap and ballet will be explored in this class for young dancers. They will be making sounds and developing rhyth­mic and coordination skills as well as experiencing the joy of dance through pre-ballet movement.

Tap/Jazz Combo
(Ages 4-5; Ages 5-7)

This class combines tap and jazz in­troducing young dancers to rhythmic movement, the ability to make sounds with their taps and beginning jazz dance technique. This is a fun class for students interested in both tap and jazz as they will have a thorough introduction to both.

Hip Hop/Jazz
(Ages 4-5)

This class gives young dancers a chance to express themselves to age appropri­ate, contemporary music through dance, aerobic and pedestrian movement. They will feel like they are dancing in a Disney Channel music video by the end of this class while practicing basic coordination and rhythm technique.

Jazz I/Tap I Combo
(Ages 8-11)

This class is for the beginning dancer interested in exploring both tap and jazz techniques. Rhythm and coordination skills will be emphasized through tap work. Dancers will learn beginning jazz technique while developing contempo­rary jazz movement.

Intermediate Jazz/Modern
(Ages 12 and up) **

A combination of traditional and Broadway jazz technique and modern technique, dancers will learn to express ideas and emotions through innovative ways of moving the body. Through fusing movement forms and ideas, this class teaches dancers to move with the body’s natural rhythm and alignment. Students will learn combinations, practice warm-up, across the floor exercises and work on choreography from both a modern and jazz perspective.

Ballet Classes

Creative Ballet
(Ages 3-4)

Coordination, musicality and strength are learned and practiced through creative imagery, storytelling, games, basic ballet steps and positions. This is a great class for young dancers who love to move, dance and express themselves.

Pre Ballet
(Ages 4-5)

Dancers will begin to learn the basic prin­ciples and technique of ballet. They will learn positions and steps and execute basic ballet choreography to classical music. This will build the student’s ear for musicality and rhythm teaching strength and coordination. Dancers are encour­aged to express themselves and explore the joy of dance through foundation-building ballet technique.

Ballet I
(Ages 6-8)

Young dancers practice their strength and coordination through basic ballet movement. They will start at the barre and move into the center learning a brief ballet combination in each class. They will begin to learn turns and jumps as well as basic ballet steps and choreography.

Ballet II
(Ages 6-8) **

For students who are continuing their studies in ballet. Ballet technique and musicality are stressed in this class as the student learns how to express him or herself through dance. Grace, coordina­tion, strength and musicality are the focus as they practice barre and ballet choreography.

Ballet I
(Ages 8-10)

For students who are practicing basic level technique in ballet. Technique and musicality are stressed in this class as the student learns how to express him or herself through dance. Grace, coordina­tion, strength and musicality are the focus as they practice barre and ballet choreography.

Ballet I
(Ages 10 and up)

For students who are beginner/advanced beginner in ballet. Dancers build upon their ballet vocabulary as they build strength and skill. At this age and in this level, if students have previous ballet technique and experience, they may be moved up to a more advanced class. The dancers will continue to learn more ad­vanced choreography and technique as they build upon their ballet foundation.

Intermediate Ballet
(12 and up) **

For students who are continuing their ballet studies. Technique, strength, dynamics, self-expression and musicality are the focus of this class as dancers will learn combinations and perfect their technique. Choreography and self-ex­pression are stressed along with building strength and technique.

Adult Ballet
Dancers of all ages and levels are invited to take this class. Ballet barre, turns, jumps and combinations will be taught throughout the class. With an emphasis on self-expression and musicality, this class will hone your skills while allowing you to express yourself through dance.


Creative Modern
(Ages 5-7)

Coordination, musicality and strength are learned and practiced through improvisation, creative imagery, story­telling, games, basic dance steps and positions. This is a great class for young dancers who love to move, dance and express themselves.

(Ages 8-12)

Modern dance is a highly expressive dance form, which fuses different move­ment styles to create innovative and fresh ways of moving the body. Danc­ers will explore new movement styles through guided improvisation and choreography. This class is suitable for beginning and experienced dancers and suggested for those students looking for a new and exciting challenge.

Adult Modern
For lovers of modern and contemporary dance, you will love this class. With the emphasis on personal expression, you will learn modern dance combinations with a warm-up and exercises. This class will challenge and inspire you!

Tap Classes

Tap 1
(Ages 6-8)

This class teaches the basics and funda­mentals of tap technique. Students will learn basic tap vocabulary and rhythm while learning across the floor technique and combinations.

Tap II
(Ages 6-8) **

For dancers continuing their tap train­ing, rhythm and musicality are built on through more in depth tap technique.

(Ages 9-11)

Students will learn rhythm and tap vo­cabulary while practicing a tap warm up, across the floor exercises and combina­tions. Coordination, rhythm, strength and musicality are stressed in this class.

(Ages 12 and up)

Tap fundamentals are expanded with more complex rhythmic exercises, while practicing basic tap through across the floor exercises, warm-ups and combina­tions.

Adult Tap
Come tap with one of the leading tap teachers in New York City. Pam is a teacher at Steps on Broadway in NYC where she teaches adult tap. She dances with the leading tap companies in the city and will teach you a fun filled, rhythmic tap class where you will learn basic tap technique and fun tap combinations to contemporary music. If you like tap at all, you will love this class!

Jazz Classes

Jazz II
(Ages 6-8) **

For dancers continuing their training in jazz technique. Dancers continue to work on their musicality, technique and their expression through dance.

Jazz II
(Ages 8-11) **

This class is for the experienced jazz dancer. All dancers must be invited into class. New students to Riverdale Dance! that have had previous jazz technique may be eligible for this class. Taught by Pam Lenker, students will further their technique with jumps, turns and jazz and musical theater combinations.

Jazz I
(Ages 12 and up)

For beginning jazz dancers, this class will take students through combinations and work in traditional jazz technique, Broadway repertory and contemporary movement. This is an excellent form of exercise for the older dancer just starting out. Students will move, jump, turn and love to dance in this fun environment.

Jazz II
(Ages 12 and up) **

Dancers will continue working on technique and performance skills with traditional rep. from original Broadway choreography combined with more advanced jazz movement.

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Dress Code:
Girls: ages 3-12: pink tights;
ages 13-18: pink or black tights; all ages: must wear a leotard of any color and pink ballet shoes, pointe shoe study by invitation. Hair must be up in a bun for ballet and out of the dancers’ faces for tap, modern & jazz.

Boys: ages 3-18: tight-fiitting white t-shirt, black tights or black dance pants, black ballet shoes.

Jazz/Musical Theater/Hip Hop Students:
Girls: ages 3-18: black tights or black dance pants with any colored leotard and black jazz shoes, character shoes by invitation.

Boys: ages 3-18: any colored tight-fitting t-shirt with black dance pants or black sweat pants and black jazz shoes.

Girls: leotard and tights in any color. Tap shoes.
Boys: tight-fitting t-shirt and dance pants or shorts.  Sweatpants / track pants / track shorts are fine if not too baggy. Tap shoes.

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