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Camp Kulanu (All of Us): Early Childhood Camp

For children ages 2-1/2 to 5 years

Warmth, energy, love and fun are felt as campers, staff and families enter Camp Kulanu. Children enjoy the vibrancy of the community center atmosphere, coupled with the intimacy of a caring, professional staff and dedicated space. Our counselors consistently engage the children in their care and share in their enthusiasm for being at camp and for being together. Our camp atmosphere is contagious, and will make a positive and lasting impression on your child!

At Camp Kulanu…

• Daily instructional swim taught by certified instructors
• Arts and crafts
• Nature enrichment
• Outdoor play facilities
• Air-conditioned Early Childhood classrooms
• Music enrichment
• Weekly Shabbat celebration
• Super Soccer Stars Program
• Cooking enrichment
• Trips for older children
• Weekly themes and specialty events

K'Tanim: For our youngest campers

for ages 24-36 months

A summer experience geared towards our youngest campers, ages 24-36 months. They meet 9:00am-12:00pm, Monday through Friday. This program focuses on children who have not yet had a separation experience. A bridge between toddler playgroups and day camp, this program includes sprinklers and water play on the safety-surfaced outdoor play deck.

K'Tanim will also enjoy utilizing paint, play dough, sand, collage, puzzles, manipulatives, stories and music. The final 15 minutes each day includes the accompaniment of the child's adult caregiver in closure of group time and changing out of swimsuits. There are also Shabbat celebrations on Fridays.

Note: Children need not have had experience being independent in an early childhood program.


Program Contact

Roxanne Parets, ext. 221
Camp Director,
Early Childhood Camp




 Camp Fees & Dates


Early Childhood camp is held in the fully-equipped air-conditioned early childhood classrooms at the Y and makes use of the Y's other facilities, including an indoor heated pool, outdoor playground, safety-surfaced sundeck, and gymnasium.


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