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Each of our classes has a lead teacher and an assistant teacher. Our lead teachers are certified. All personnel are selected for their interest and commitment to working with young children and their families. The Riverdale Y is a community enterprise and we value positive and engaging relationships with parents who will continue their relationship with the Riverdale Y after their children leave the program.

The Y offers pre-school level enrichment classes timed for the end of our school day. Staff can escort your child from their classroom to after-school enrichment classes for a seamless transition.

Kitah l’Kulanu
The Y has created an after-school Jewish enrichment class introducing the Jewish holidays, basic Hebrew language, and Jewish traditions through song and crafts.
Ages 3–4
Tuesdays    3:15 pm–4:00 PM    10/20–12/22    $200

Pre-K/K sports offerings introduce the fundamentals of sports while building strength, flexibility, and coordination in a safe, supportive, and fun environment.

Ages 4–5
Wednesdays    3:15 pM–4:00 PM    9/30–12/23    $265/$310 nnj

Sports Sampler
Pre-K (ages 3–4)
Tuesdays    3:15 PM–4:00 pm     10/13–12/22     $260/$220
Kindergarten (ages 5–6)        
Tuesdays    4:00 PM–4:45 pm     10/13–12/22     $260/$220

Super Soccer Stars
Ages 2–3
Thursdays    2:30–3:10 pm         10/1–12/17     $330/$290
Ages 3–4
Thursdays    3:15–4:00 pm         10/1–12/17     $330/$290
Ages 4–5    
Thursdays    3:15–4:00 pm         10/1–12/17     $330/$290

Instructors use age and skill-based activities to build water confidence as acquire rudimentary aquatic skills.  (See page 21 for all swim classes for infants to adults.)
Ages 3–4
Mondays     3:30 pm–4:00 pm    10/12–12/1    $290/$215
Wednesdays    3:30 pm    –4:00 pm    9/30–12/16    $340/$265

Tumbling & Gymnastics
Ages 3–4
Mondays    3:15 PM–4:00 pm    10/19–12/21    $260/$220
Ages 4–5
Mondays    4:00 PM–4:45 pm    10/19–10/21    $260/$220

Beginner's Dance
Coordination, musicality, and strength are learned through creative imagery, storytelling, games, and basic ballet steps and positions.
Tiny Tutus Pre-Ballet (ages 3–4)
Tuesdays    3:30 PM–4:15 PM    10/13–1/26    $425/$370
Tiny Tap/Jazz (ages 4–5)
Thursdays    3:30 PM–4:15 PM    9/17–1/28        $500/$435

Early Childhood Summer Camp
Camp Kulanu ("All of Us") for ages 2–5
Camp Kulanu is a vibrant and nurturing community housed in our dedicated early childhood space with the benefits of our community center environment. Children enjoy weekly themed activities, daily
instructional swim, arts and crafts, outdoor playtime and trips, music enrichment, and end-of-week Shabbat celebrations.


CPR and First Aid
The Y offers CPR and First Aid courses specifically designed for infants and toddlers. For more information, contact Felicha Bennett at fbennett@riverdaley.org.

Mommy & Me Pilates
Workout with your baby (6 weeks–new walkers). Or…come alone for a postnatal Pilates workout.  Pilates exercises focus on a strong core connection and aid in healing any separation of the abdominal muscles.  Let the babies interact as you lengthen, strengthen, and tone while bonding with other new moms.  
Sundays    10:30 AM–11:15 AM    10/18–12/20    $200/$250
Wednesdays    9:30 AM–10:15 AM    10/21–12/23     $200/$250

PARENT & BABY SWIM (see page 21)
Ages 6m–18m (30 minutes)            
Sundays    9:00 AM        9/20–12/13    $365/$275
Sundays    10:00 AM    9/20–12/13    $365/$275
Mondays    3:30 PM        10/12–12/14    $275/$365
Ages 18m–36m (30 minutes)
Sundays    9:30 AM        9/20–12/13    $365/ $275
Sundays    10:30 AM    9/20–12/13    $365/ $275
Mondays    9:30 AM        10/12–12/14    $215/$290
Wednesdays    3:30 PM     9/30–12/16    $255/$340

Prenatal Pilates
Pilates is all about lengthening your muscles and strengthening your core.  Help maintain a strong and healthy body throughout pregnancy by working your abs, glutes, legs, back and pelvis. All levels are welcome at any stage of pregnancy.   
Sundays    9:30 AM–10:15 am    10/18–12/20    $200/$250

Stay & Play
Not yet two? There's a program for you! The Riverdale Y's Early Childhood Center invites you to crawl, climb, run & play in a safe indoor play space with developmentally and socially enriching activities, including Shabbat singing and ritual, for children 0–2 years old. Open to the community. Children must be accompanied by a parent or caregiver.
Fridays    9:00 AM–10:30 am     10/16-12/18        $5 drop-in fee

Squats N Tots™
Parents and kids (ages 0-4) are welcome to join a fun, challenging, and interactive class where you get in shape while meeting other local families. Enjoy a full-body workout combining cardio and strength training. For all fitness levels. Register for all five weeks and get a free dri-fit Yonit Fitness t-shirt!
Tuesdays    9:30 AM–10:15 AM    10/20-11/17     $125/$100
Drop-in price: $30/$25

Toddler Dance Jam
Let’s dance! Bring your toddler (walkers–24 months) and move to music while enhancing your child’s physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development.  Each class includes elements of Brain Dance, developmental movement, and relaxation.  
Mondays    9:30 AM–10:15 am    10/19–12/21    $200/$250

Program Contact

Milissa Finkel
Director of Early Childhood


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