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Kids' Indoor Triathlons at The Riverdale Y

Holiday Tris for Kids

A Fun Challenge & Great Way To Stay Fit




Columbus Day October 12th 2015

MLK Day January 18th 2016

President's Day February 15th 2016


Cost: $10 / $5 for Y! Members


Pre-Registration is required — only 5 children per heat!

Medals for all finishers.


8–10 year olds:

Register for heats at 2:00pm; 2:15pm; and 2:30pm

10 min swim, (10 min transition), 10 min bike, (5 min transition), 10 min run

11–13 year olds:

Register for heats at 3:00pm; 3:25pm; and 3:50pm

15 min swim, (10 min transition), 15 min bike, (5 min transition), 15 min run


Important Details:

• Please bring a towel, swim cap, goggles, workout attire, sneakers and a lock
• No shoes on pool deck…ONLY flip flops or water shoes
• No wet clothing allowed on any fitness equipment
• We will not tolerate anyone who uses foul language or misbehaves
• Have FUN!

For more information, contact Lisa Bruskin at lbruskin@riverdaley.org or Felicha Bennett at fbennett@riverdaley.org.

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