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Riverdale Jewish Festival of the Arts 2007

The Laramie Project - Oct-Nov. 2007
The Riverdale Repertory Company Presents the Laramie Project

Resident Theater Companies
The Riverdale Y is home to three resident theater companies: • The NEW Riverdale Repertory Company (adults) • Riverdale Rising Stars (for teens - entering seventh grade and at least 12 years old) • Junior Rising Stars (ages 8-12)

Music School
The Rhoda Grundman Music School first opened its doors in September, 1999. The community embraced the school immediately and since its opening, hundreds of lessons have been offered and numerous recitals have taken place. At the heart of the music school’s program is the individual or private lesson. Also available are the Ensemble for 2 (coaching for duets), and Group Piano Classes for Beginners. Enrollment at the school continues to grow and includes a healthy mix of students of kindergarten age to adults. Each student, of whatever age and ability, proceeds at a comfortable pace which moves from success to success.

Dance School
The Riverdale Y's Dance School offers a wide array of dance instruction programs for all ages. We have classes for children as young as two years old, and all the way through to adults. Instruction is available in classic ballet, creative movement, tap, hip hop, ballroom and belly dancing, character, jazz, and action dance.

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