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Personal Training

Take your first step towards attaining your Fitness & Wellness goals.

The Riverdale Y offers several personal training options. Our unique programs deliver results to identify and achieve your wellness objectives.

The Riverdale Y is committed to providing professional personal training that follows The American College of Sports Medicine guidelines for exercise testing and prescription. The education of our trainers is an essential part of our training programs. Our Y trainers have either a bachelor’s degree in a health-related field and/or one or more certifications from the following organizations: American College of Sports Medicine, National Academy of Sports Medicine, National Strength & Conditioning Association, American Council on Exercise, and/or Aerobic & Fitness Association of America.

For additional information or to schedule appointments please contact Lisa Bruskin at (718) 548-8200, ext. 241.

3 Training Sessions for $150
Introductory Offer


One-to-One Training
1 Hour

(Y Members)

1 session: $65

3 sessions: $180

5 sessions: $275

10 sessions: $500


1 session: $85

(includes day pass)

One-to-One Training
1/2 Hour

(Y Members)

3 sessions: $105

5 sessions: $160

10 sessions: $285

NEW! Small Group Training (3-4 people)

SGT is available for teens 13–17 and adults 18+.

SGT offerings include: Boxing, Functional Training, Cardiovascular Conditioning, Strength Conditioning, Pilates, Flexibility/Yoga, and Balance Training.

5 Session Pack: $100; $20 per person/per session

Times and dates for specific offerings will be available in January.

Tween and Teen Personal Training

Personal Training will be offered to Riverdale Y members for Tweens 10–12 and Teens 13–16. Training safely and functionally is the mainstay in healthy lifestyles for the young.

Each personal training session will be individualized. Buddy training will be taught as partner-based workouts for two individuals close to the same skill level.

Tween & Teen One-on-One Training

1 session ~ $50

5 sessions ~ $240

10 sessions ~ $450

Tween & Teen Buddy Training

1 session ~ $65

5 sessions ~ $315

10 sessions ~ $600

Sessions: 45 minutes

Program Contact

Lisa Bruskin, ext. 241
Director, Fitness/Wellness

Personal Training Policies

24 hour cancellation is required.

Fees for any sessions must be purchased in advance.

Sessions are valid for up to 6 months.

Personal Lockers

(C) Level Adults only

Box lockers are available in the C level locker room for annual rental ($60) to members. Tall lockers are for daily use only; overnight usage is strictly prohibited. Personal lockers are for adults only. The Y is not responsible for lost or stolen items — be sure to lock your locker.

5625 Arlington Avenue
Bronx, NY 10471
(718) 548-8200

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