Story Slam Videos

When the Jewish community comes together, there is no stopping the impact we have on each other. In the Fall of 2019, we hosted a story slam to offer a window into the lives of our community members. They practiced vulnerability that allowed others to see themselves in the stories presented. This event spurred conversation and offered a forum to engage each other. Please share in that experience by watching our featured storytellers below.


(Not) Alone

By Ann Lapin

Local mom feels love and support from the community, following the turmoil of pregnancy and loss.


246 Mile Leg of my Jewish Journey

By Bernard Goldstein

Sometimes the journey towards inclusion can feel like you’re lost and wandering in the desert.  Yet at the same time it might be a journey through the desert, which actually helps you find your way!

Targets and Nets

By Sheila Hicks-Rotella

A look at Judaism in the world colored by race and sexuality.

Small Acts

By Yali Szulanski

Act One: Learning compassion and forgiveness, which leads to healing and recovery. Act Two: Teaching compassion and empathy, which leads to chessed and tzedaka.

Everything happens for a reason

By Heidi Weissman

I found God in Judaism through adversity and struggles in life, I believe everything happens for a reason.

The Shell that has no Shape

By Albert Levi

An attorney facing a dark night of the soul is led to a place in the sun. A tale of family, faith, and fortitude.


By Aviva Braun

A Psychotherapist specializing in body image problems turns to her photography lens to create a project to help Jewish women feel at home in their bodies.