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A New School Year, A Refreshed Community


You will dwell in sukkot, booths, for seven days, all the citizens…

The new school year has just started, and we are excited to open our doors just a little bit wider this year – to more families than ever before, to new educators, and to community members we haven’t been able to welcome the past few years.

Early next week we look forward to coming together to build our sukkah, to gather in a way we have not been able to since 2020. We will build a sukkah, a temporary structure with open walls, allowing space for our entire community, with a roof that has openings so we can look up at the world and with decorations made by our early childhood community.

As we take even more pieces of school outside this week ahead, we are excited to dwell together with all citizens of our community in a space we have constructed together.

Shana Tova (Happy New Year),


Emily Hausman
Early Childhood Director