Reflections From Our Israeli Emissary


Preface: Riverdale Y is a center dedicated to creating a safe space for community expression and dialogue. We recognize that there are multiple perspectives especially around this topic. The following is the viewpoint of our Israel emissary (shlicha). Her job and mission in the community is to raise awareness and create connective tissues to the Land of Israel. Please see this as an opportunity to engage in sacred conversations.


Shani Aslan Shlicha – Israeli Emissary

Israel has been under attack for the past couple of days. Sadly this is not new to us. We are somehow used to it.

Two days ago, Jerusalem experienced sirens and heard booms. Since then, the situation has escalated to the Gaza Strip, center of Israel and the surrounding areas.

Talking on the phone with my older brother yesterday in the afternoon, and suddenly hearing the sirens in Tel Aviv has really shaken me. My family and friends are now in shelters.

I feel so scared and worried, especially because my younger brother is a combat soldier in the IDF and is now stationed at the Gaza border, ready for any scenario.

It’s hard to be so far away. My head is full with thoughts about the situation and how complex and nuanced it is. It’s hard for both sides but I support the right of Israel to defend herself from terror.

I believe that each one of us has the responsibility to learn, read and educate themselves about the background of all that is happening. And not to rely only on one news outlet or only one perspective of the narrative.

I feel that I have the responsibility, as a community Shlicha, to share my feelings, to be a resource and to be open to any conversation, especially during these times.

I hope the situation will calm down soon and that Israel will feel safe again.