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Rick Lund

An Evening With Chuck Todd–What Really Matters. And Why.

| WED, OCT 31, 2018

On January 15, RPAC will present “An Evening with Chuck Todd,” NBC News Director and moderator of “Meet the Press,” the longest running show in television history, and “MTP Daily.”…

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Chances are…

| TUE, APR 03, 2018

Today may be your day. If you want to see one of the best musicals ever made, and you don’t want to wait a year and pay $1,000 or more…

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End Winter Now!

| TUE, APR 03, 2018

The Riverdale Y is urging all Riverdalians and neighbors to take action to end this protracted winter season. Here’s what we suggest: Go to your computer, log on to,…

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Please Support Our Sponsors!

| THU, FEB 22, 2018

Registration for the Riverdale Y’s 10th Annual Riverdale Run is growing ahead of schedule. Many thanks to the nearly 200 folks who have signed up so far, and to the…

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Last Chance to Give to the Riverdale Y in 2017

| THU, DEC 28, 2017

The end is coming! Of 2017, of course. And with it comes an uncertain future for tax deductions for charitable contributions. So for many of us, the incoming tax laws…

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