Jewish Tradition

Purim Message from Community Leaders

| TUE, FEB 23, 2021

Dear Riverdale Community, Resilience, communal support, and deep resolve have brought us here. A year ago we worried like never before about our family and neighbors as Covid drastically affected…

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Racial Diversity in the Jewish Community

| TUE, FEB 09, 2021

I find that themed days and months give us an opportunity to put our attention on groups and issues that we always want to be thinking about and addressing but…

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Black History Month Resources

| FRI, FEB 05, 2021

Visit Be’chol Lashon for more Black History Month resources and to develop the tools to talk about race. MLK Day & Black History Month

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An Israeli’s First NYC Winter

| TUE, DEC 22, 2020

Shani shares eight sources of light in her life here in Riverdale. Some of them might surprise you.

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Can You Spell Hanukah?

| WED, DEC 09, 2020

You think you know how to spell, but you are wrong! More than history, more than the recipes, more than the rules for the game of dreidel, the question of…

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