Gallery 18

“If you ask me what I came to do in this world, I, an artist, will answer you: I am here to live out loud.” ― Émile Zola

Reception for our Artist for November 2018

Dennis L. Shelton

Sunday, November 18

11 AM – 1 PM

Gallery 18 Curator: Joyce Dutka

Current Exhibition



Dennis L. Shelton

Shelton house
From Riverdale Senior Services (


“Dennis Shelton is as interesting, colorful and inspirational as his art. He’s lived in the Bronx most of his adult life. And, he’s been an artist all of his life. “My career started in the third grade. In the cafeteria there was a girl I liked. This boy drew a picture of her. She loved him for drawing that picture! I associated that power with art.” In the fourth grade he went to a different school and was in an after school art program. From that, he won an award at Lever House. One thing led to another and he ended up in the High school of Art and Design, majoring in Package Design.

Rather than focusing on being a full-time artist, Dennis became an educator and bought his love of art to others. He taught all of his career at John F. Kennedy High School which is just several blocks away from RSS. He retired in 2014. And, now he can finally focus on being a full-time artist. It’s a new world for him – focusing all his attention on his art, exhibiting and learning how to sell his art.

Dennis works in a variety of different mediums – collage, mixed media, construction. He’s currently working on a whole series of collage paintings. “Collage is harder than painting and doesn’t get the respect it should. With collage you have to find the materials that match what you are creating. None of it exists, it all has to be created from materials and pictures you find around.” Bearden, Cezanne and Matisse have influenced his collage work.”

Past Exhibitions


Laurie Miller Hornik is a mixed media artist who creates collage paintings by layering found and hand-painted papers over backgrounds of acrylic paint. Many of her recent pieces portray intricate rooms – from ski cabins to kindergarten classrooms to libraries – with each brick, book, and floor tile made from a different snip of paper. With a degree from Harvard in Medieval History and Literature, Laurie has worked at the Ethical Culture Fieldston School for the past 28 years, teaching almost every grade from K to 8. She creates art in every spare moment she can find.

Like a Dove

Joanne H. Kim aims to bring awareness to the glory that surrounds us every moment that we are alive. Her nature inspired paintings jump off the canvas revealing the beauty that abounds in the sky, the forest, the ocean and of course all of us. Animals, flowers, cityscapes, sunsets and whimsical fish beckon to a colorful and peaceful world.

Mostly self taught, with a degree in economics and international affairs, Ms. Kim works in oil and acrylic on canvas with the occasional use of gold leaf. Her process begins with a specific feeling or emotion that she wants to capture. She then incorporates images with movement and color to create an experience for her viewers.

Harry Mandel is an international award winning and published photographer.
He is recognized in the field of live performance photography and has written articles on the subject for Magic Magazines.

harry mandel cityscape
Alive not Alive

ALIVE AND NOT ALIVE: A Retrospective Exhibition by Tamara Lund

Reception: Sunday, April 8, 12:30PM –  2:30PM

April 2018

There are two parts to the exhibit:

  • The Alive wall focuses on the perceived anthropomorphic tendencies of animals and uncommon observations of humans
  • The Not Alive wall forces the viewer to stop and conjure a unique perspective of their own while viewing the photographs.

In Alive and Not Alive, the visuals are a clear narrative about the photographer and
the particular ways in which she views the world.

Born in New York City, New York, Tamara Lund became interested in photography at an early age, when she discovered her father’s old Minolta camera. Lund later attended The School of Communication at American University where she studied Film and Photography.

Throughout her life she has traveled to various countries with the intention of documenting the culture and environment from her perspective. Lund’s works are a mix of 35mm film and digital images that have been taken over the last 11 years.

This collection is a labor of love of both photography and the desire to share the beauty of the world with others.

Riverdale Art Association: March Madness

March, 2018
Artist Reception on Sunday, March 18, from 12:30 P.M. till 2:30 P.M.

“March Madness” art exhibit including acrylics, collage, ink, watercolors, and photos by various artists of The Riverdale Art Association. The RAA is a group of artists, many of whom are prize winners, that meets on the first Tuesday of each month, except August. The RAA welcomes new members. For more information, log on to

Painted Planet by Deborah Hillman

Painted Planet by Deborah Hillman

LEARNING CURVE: Paintings by Amanda Lawford

February, 2018

The bold, vivid and graphic paintings of Amanda Lawford portray her vision of anonymous landscapes and cityscapes.  Sharp buildings, rooftops and water towers are bathed in bright color; a distant stormy skyline across a river is almost blurred in blue pastel shades,  a piece titled GW Views depicts a grey day in the city, and a long road in a wide field leads to a distant farmhouse that could be anywhere.  Whether from her imagination or from photographs these evocative acrylics represent windows on her view of our common surroundings.

Amanda Lawford was born in Welwyn Garden City, England and raised on the west coast of Canada and California.  As an entrepreneurial and artistic single mother, in 1977 she began her own handpainted needlepoint design company and has lived and worked as a designer in both England and the US.  Through this work she learned about color, composition, rendering and the manipulation of paint.  Her desire to accomplish painting in other forms was until now, confined by time.  “I am struck by the loneliness of the busiest places and the contrast of the decrepit vs. the opulence of city life…secret respites that reveal themselves are what inspires my paintings…”

FOOD VALUE: The Still Life Paintings of Noelle Knight

January, 2018

Vividly painted sweets, retro packaging and delectable fruit coexist neatly on the small canvases. “My paintings are about food awareness. They are contemplation, not a judgment. They are about nutrition, the abundance of it and lack of it. I’m often thinking about food and which kinds will fuel my day. Logically, I know which ones are best for me; however, I’m frequently enticed by the ones that are not.”

In “Salmon and Macarons” a can of nutritious salmon is compared to brightly colored macarons.  The textures and colors of the cookie beckon, while the salmon, a nutrient dense food, stands proudly behind the cookies.

“With these paintings my hope is that people continue enjoying healthy foods, in abundance, and unhealthy ones, hopefully in moderation, while developing an awareness of the nutritional value of all foods”.

Although Noelle Knight can be seen painting around the neighborhood of Riverdale, she is usually indoors creating small, yet lively paintings. The artist is a representational oil painter whose work ranges from life size portraits and human figures to small food-themed still life. Her recent focus is a comparison of healthy and unhealthy foods.

Originally from Indiana, Noelle has taught at The University of Rochester Memorial Art Gallery, The Indianapolis Art Center, and has been teaching with The New York City Public Schools for 16 years.  She received a B.A. in Medical Illustration from Indiana University and an M. F.A. in painting at The New York Academy of Art.  The artist’s work can be seen in private and public collections throughout the country, including the Rose Hulman Institute of Technology and Manchester College.



November, 2017

THE emBODYment OF JEWISH FEMININITY is a project that Aviva Braun started as a personal one, connecting two of her passions – therapy with women who have eating and body image disorders, and photography. Aviva says this exhibit took her to new levels and helped her to delve into her feelings about her own body and her connection/disconnection from it.

” We, as women, all have stories about our bodies. I was finding it rare to have conversations with women in my life where the body didn’t come up. We go through the majority of our lives feeling connected/disconnected from, loathing, loving, birthing from, hurting/healing, sculpting. We take little time to fully inhabit the body we are given.

” The 15 women I chose to photograph for this project are of varying ages ranging from one to 82, each with their own incredibly unique perspective on the body and connection to it. Many women approached me asking to be a part of the project and others were hand selected individuals with whom I had a strong connection.

” The focus of the emBODYment project was to see how women feel about their bodies at just about every decade. The majority of the photographs were taken in nature, where many women felt most connected to or within their bodies. Some were taken in other spheres such as the home, synagogue, and during a women’s Rosh Chodesh drum circle. All women who were interviewed had a vested interest in the purpose of the project and were eager to share their stories.

” The project continues! My hope is that this will one day in the near future be compiled into a book.

Aviva Braun, L.M.S.W., L.C.S.W. works with women who have eating and body image problems and practices from feminist-relational and psychodynamic approaches. ThThis exhibit is a fusion of Aviva’s psychotherapeutic training and her artistic photographic vision.

Nira Zippora Tissera

September – October, 2017

“As a little girl I fell in love with the magnificent beauty of this world. I started to draw and paint at a very early age. I always knew painting is the one of my greatest talents G-d has given me. From elementary through high school I won many awards for my painting and many people complemented me. Those made me wander more and more in to arts while I was young. Later in my life I studied fashion design and fine arts and I became a fashion designer. This gave me confidence to push for success as an artist.

“This is my dream work, I love what I do to accomplished this dream of love, making art is one of my uttermost joys, my passion and my freedom. Although it is an art, It is important to see to understand. Through art I like to see, and tell, and remind, what we had, or have, or will have. I like to put a few words to tell a story, show some beauty, give a little thought, show a little romance and show something that matters to the heart, what matters to have a life. Every day I see things, get things, need things from our nature, but how much do we know they are there for us for a reason, things I see hard to put in to words.

Read and see more at

Nira Zippora
Art Exhibit

The Whimsical World of Suzanne Axelbank

August, 2017

Mountains, valleys, bumps, squiggles, colors, sparkles…..FUN!  Color and texture dominate the work of Suzanne Axelbank in this captivating show.  With acrylics, markers, inks, collage elements and an occasional repurposed picture, Axelbank has created a series of imaginative, vibrant canvases.  As a professional children’s hairdresser she has honed her sculptural skills as well as a deep understanding of texture, line and proportion all evident in her work.  Influenced by Picasso, Bottaro, and Kahlo as well as Asian art, graffiti and cartoon artists, Suzanne Axelbank’s creations convey a sense of whimsy and wonder.

Suzanne Axelbank has lived in the Bronx for most of her life. Always driven to creativity, with art degrees from the Fashion Institute of Technology and Lehman Collage, Axelbank became a  children’s hairdresser and is the former owner/operator of Someplace Special Haircuts and Toys for Kids on West 238th St. in Riverdale. Largely self-taught, for years Axelbank continued to sketch and doodle until a few years ago when she became inspired by the textures and colors of life and began working on a series of canvases. “The main thing is that I want everything I do to be full of color and texture.”  Suzanne Axelbank has exhibited her work at An Beal Bocht Café, Tilila Restaurant and is a member of the Riverdale Art Association.

Artist Reception: Sunday, august 6, 12:30 pm – 2:30 pm

Reflections in Color and Light: A Mixed Media Bonanza by Judith Buder Zucker

July, 2017

Inspired by flowers, trees, water and the changing of the seasons, Judith Buder Zucker’s work reveals a joyfulness in the beauty of nature and features a variety of media and subjects that range from still life and models done in the studio, to scenes from her travels around the world.  Vivid color dominates this mixed media show which includes work in watercolor, oil, colored pencil and acrylic. Buder creates a serene mood using the lights and darks of a single color. Her palette knife gives rich texture and depth to her oils; a contrasting wash creates a melding of color and contrast to her watercolors. Buder brings vibrancy to her subjects from the human figure, flowers, and a series of doors, to a still life and an autumn scene on the Hudson River. She is an avid traveler and enjoys working from the photographs she takes during her journeys such as the scene, in acrylic, of St. Lucia.

Judith Buder Zucker has been a reading specialist, Assistant Principal and an Adjunct at Hunter College.  After retiring from her career in education Buder resumed her artistic endeavors with a basic watercolor class at Ethical Culture in Riverdale and has been painting ever since.  Her work has been selected several times for the juried Student Art Show at the 92nd Street Y.  She has studied watercolor in Italy, participated in workshops in Hudson, Rhinebeck and West Virginia.  She has exhibited at the Vintage Art Gallery in Riverdale, Ethical Culture, Temple Beth El and is a member of the Riverdale Art Association.  “…Painting has become a passion in my life.  It has changed the way I see the world.”

Judith Zucker
Hal Katz

Hal Katz

June, 2017

I spent my working years in the world of advertising and media. I owned or was a senior executive at ad agencies, media service companies, TV and Radio production houses, and marketing research companies. I also did both domestic and international media/marketing consulting. I retired from this pursuit in 1997 to become an artist, a goal that I always aspired to. As I never had any classes or teachers, I had to teach myself how to draw and paint. I was determined to become proficient at this task and produce work that was not derivative and was beautiful to look at. I started to learn the craft by doing realistic pen and ink drawings. That was followed by a period of drawing mandalas. I thought it would be interesting to have each drawing contain two interconnected mandalas; one that could be seen in daylight and the other that could only be seen in the dark. I spent five years on this project which honed my ability to draw and learn about material. As this proved to be a very niche endeavor, I decided to expand and draw abstract art. This evolved into adding high tech inks and acrylics to my work. This work, I call it “Playing With Light” also took several years to develop. My goal was to produce work that interacted with the viewer while also being beautiful. I believe my current work meets these objectives. This series of paintings changes as the viewer changes the angle of viewing. They also change as the light it reflects changes. Some are phosphorescent and become visible when the lights go out. This unfortunately is hard to capture in photographs (my web site: uses animation to show the changes). When viewed in person, however, they seem to be something many admire. – Hal Katz

Mixed Media: Works by Maria Formoso, Myra Joyce and Joan O’Brien

Maria Formoso uses nature and botanical subjects for her art.  She grew up in Cuba where she was surrounded by tropical foliage.  Her work features vividly colored flowers, trees, birds, sea shells and abstract forms in a variety of mediums such as water color, colored pencil, graphite, pen and ink and pastel.  Inspired by Georgia O’Keefe and Richard Karwoski, Formoso has a certificate in botanical art and illustration from the New York Botanical Garden.  She has exhibited widely in the New York City area, Westchester County, Vermont and Connecticut.

Myra P. Joyce is a digital artist who combines her love of computers and all things digital to create beautiful images.  A neuroscientist by degree, Joyce has morphed into a graphic artist/web designer as well as an avid photographer.  Most of the images in this show are “fractal art” which involves using mathematical equations to render abstract forms which are then manipulated to enhance their beauty and mystery. Photographs of Wave Hill are also featured in her exhibit.

Joan O’Brien, a retired teacher and school psychologist has long been a believer in the power of nature and its beauty to contribute to our human capacity to seek and find peace in our lives.  It is through photography that she tries to reveal her deep appreciation of the beauty of creation and its gifts to us.  O’Brien is a member of the Riverdale Art Association and has exhibited widely and received numerous awards both in the New York City area, Westchester and Vermont.  http:// members/joan-obrien/


Mixed Media: Works by Maria Formoso, Myra Joyce and Joan O’Brien

Orhan Alpaslan

April, 2017
Impressionist painter, Orhan Alpaslan, studied at Academy of Fine Art in Istanbul, obtaining a Master”s Degree in stage and visual art. He has studied and researched painting and theatrical arts in America, Canada, and England.
He began painting as a child, entering competitions starting in high school. In his first year he won two national awards that inspired to keep on painting.
Between 1979 and 2001, Orhan designed more than one hundred theater sets and costumes for the State Theaters.
“I have always been an impressionist painter, primarily using oils. Artistic scenes have always been fascinating to me, while vivid color and powerful light are indispensable components of my work.”

Jane House

Ceramics in our Lobby
Jane has studied and practiced art throughout her life. At a very young age, she was exposed to the art and culture of Central America, West Africa, and Eastern and Western Europe. At Stanford University’s campus in Tours, France, she studied drawing at the local art conservatory and began a sketchbook of the students’ travels in France. While working as a professional actress, she continued to draw and paint while waiting to go onstage. Her artwork has been exhibited at the Prezant Gallery, Bronx, in 1995; at the 2014, 2015, and 2016 Vintage Artists Gallery annual art show, Riverdale, Bronx, winning an Honorable Mention in 2015 and a First Prize in 2016; and at a special Riverdale Senior Center “Creative Imagination” exhibition in January 2016. She continues to create drawings and sculpt at her home studio in Riverdale, often pulling on her childhood experiences, and is currently studying with Bronx artists Donna Diamond and Rochelle Aruti.


Riverdale Arts Association Group Exhibit

March, 2017
The Riverdale Art Association consists of artists who share their work and their love of art with each other and the community. Open to a range of skill levels, the Association provides an opportunity for aspiring and professional artists to exhibit their work together, creating a sense of community where new avenues of creativity can be explored and expressed. A number of group exhibits are sponsored each year; members have opportunities to mount solo exhibits. The Association’s website provides online galleries for members, helps them connect with other artistic resources & exhibit opportunities, and publicizes their current activities. Learn more at

Michael Mendel

January-February, 2017
Michael Mendel was born in Berlin Germany in 1934. He and his parents escaped the Nazi Regime of Adolf Hitler in the Fall of 1938. Circumstances forced them to reside in Havana Cuba for almost two years, before being allowed to LEGALLY enter the United States.

Mendel graduated from the City College of New York in 1956 with a BA in Art, then was commissioned as an officer in the US Infantry.

With several entry level art jobs behind him he began a career as a graphic designer in the world of recorded music, a career that spanned almost forty years. Opening his own art studio, he designed record album covers for many of America’s great musical personalities. Tony Bennett; Gladys Knight; Johnny Mathis; Donovan; NY Philharmonic; Eydie Gorme; Beach boys and hundreds more.

Having dabbled in primitive oils through the years, he began to take painting seriously about 2009. With three small sets of watercolors and four brushes, he taught himself to paint in this new medium. EVERY DAY, NIGHT AND DAY, TO THIS DAY……333 paintings completed!!

He has had a love affair with the Catskills since 1948. From his 100 year-old farmhouse located in the quaint village of Fleischmanns NY, he meanders over hills and dales to capture the essence of the area in brilliant “representational” watercolors.

art gallery
Doris Cordero

Doris Cordero

December 2016,
“A Bronx native and a resident of Riverdale for 38 years. My childhood years reflect time spent in Puerto Rico and the Bronx. A journey between two languages and two cultures. I’m an Art and Design High School graduate with a degree in Studio Art and Elementary Education from Fordham University. I have Master’s Degrees from Fordham University and Bank Street College. My career trajectory includes Bilingual educator, Elementary Art educator and I served as an Art Administrator for the NYC Public Schools. My experiences allowed me to work closely with art organizations and artists.
“My passion for art started very early in life. I was the sidewalk scribbler and did artwork for my friends. Materials, color and the beauty of nature have influenced me to work in oil, watercolors, pencil, and print. I find that these materials allow me to represent the vibrancy of color and form in nature.
“Earlier in my career I exhibited with a group of women artists in the exhibition “Comadres” at the Museo Del Barrio in 1980. That year, I also exhibited my work at the Roosevelt Hotel as part of the National Council of Puerto Rican Women’s Conference in NYC.
“I’ve also exhibited at Gallery 79, NYC (1979). As a current member of the Riverdale Arts Association I’ve taken part in group shows at the Grinton I. Will Library, Yonkers; Riverdale-Yonkers Society for Ethical Culture; and Gallery 18, Riverdale YM-YWHA.
“My art studies continued at the Arts Student’s League with Isaac Soyer, Parsons School of Design, and the New York Botanical Gardens in the Botanical Illustration Certificate Program. Laura Vogel, Botanical Illustrator and Wennie Huang, Watercolorist, have been great mentors to me in my work. In recent years, the study of nature has become a focal point in my artistic work. “It is said that ” nature touches the spirit of man”. It certainly has touched my soul.

Gabrielle Robinson’s Photography

November, 2016

Delve into a world of pure imagination and creative exploration. Every photo Gabrielle takes has an eerie vibe and provocative composition that causes the viewer to question the scene even though it is pristine and untouched. Born and raised in NYC, Gabrielle has had prints all over the country in galleries in Los Angeles, CA, Essex, VT and Portland, OR. Some have hung in NYC hedge fund offices, in the Tweed Courthouse, and in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. And this November, some will hang in Gallery 18 at The Riverdale Y.

Gabrielle Robinson Photography
Arnold Adler - 1000 faces

1000 Faces of Riverdale – Children’s Edition

A photo exhibit by Arnold Adler
Riverdale resident Arnie Adler is proud to exhibit thirty portraits taken for the 1000 Faces of Riverdale project.  One Thousand Faces documents and celebrates the diversity of one of Bronx’s most dynamic neighborhoods. These children’s photos were taken from 2011-2013.

Adler’s goal is to have a positive impact on the town of Riverdale, by connecting individuals and sometimes isolated neighbors through photography.  “Riverdale often feels segmented,” he observes.  He points to divisions along financial, cultural, religious, and ideological lines.  “I hope the 1,000 Faces of Riverdale project helps show how diverse groups can come together to create a community.”

Arnie has been a successful professional photographer since 1984.  His client roster is filled with distinguished corporate, editorial and private clients, as well as Riverdalians who have called on him to capture happy moments at weddings and bar mitzvahs.

Gallery 18 Curator: Joyce Dutka