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Composting & Community Garden

Our Senior Center, our Early Childhood, and our Afterschool Program have partnered with Riverdale’s Healthy Communities Initiative for a unique program.

The Senior Center kitchen produces up to four gallons of food scraps a day and these scraps are now being put in our brand new compost bins along with shredded papers.

This program is supported by a grant from the Citizen’s Committee for New York City.

Composting 1

Vegetable and Herb Garden

Compost from the bins are used for the Y’s Organic Vegetable and Herb Garden which traditionally has been planted and maintained by our Early Childhood Program and Senior Center volunteers. Education and activities around the benefits and process of composting are now part of our Early Childhood and Afterschool curriculum. Senior Center members are invited to join in the programming and subsequent planting.

Composting 2

Kids and Composting

Children at the Y learn the importance of taking an active role in protecting and maintaining their environment, explore the natural world, and learn to think responsibly about their trash. The intergenerational component of the program provides a rich opportunity for children to learn from older adults for older adults to become partners in the education of the youngest generation.

Kids Composting