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Your Customers are at the Riverdale Y


Say hello to the woman on the treadmill next to you. Introduce yourself to the guy swimming in the lane by your side.  Besides being a good social encounter, you may also be speaking with a current or future customer. Nearly 20,000 unique individuals pass through the doors of the Riverdale Y every year. Most of them are adults. That means a large proportion of the Riverdale population has a connection to your Y.  Your business or service probably can claim many of them as customers. And even more of them are potential customers.

Here at the Y, our focus is community.  All of the membership activities, programs and services we provide are designed to bring the community together in a supportive and connective way. Local businesses and services are an integral part of our community. A successful economic structure helps bind a community together to provide the resources we all need. We strongly believe that our community should support the local trade.

To make it easier for our community to learn about your business, the Riverdale Y has developed a Business Sponsorship Program. The program gives businesses the opportunity to be noticed by our members and visitors. We offer several levels of participation so that you can have a choice of the types and frequency of messages. Whether you own a garage, a cleaning establishment, a restaurant, or you are an attorney, an accountant or a computer consultant, or any other service provider, our members and friends can be your customers.

Please contact Rick Lund, Development Director, at 347-913-4974, or to learn more about this program and how it can benefit your business & our community.


Thanks for Reading,
Rick Lund

Director of Development