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Domestic Abuse Resources


As we have been confined to our homes these past few months, we are aware that there have been fewer reports of domestic abuse in our community, which mirrors the decline in reporting for the general population.  However, Domestic abuse did not disappear with COVID-19, but data suggests victims living with their abusers cannot safely and quietly reach out for help.  Please note, domestic abuse can include physical, sexual, financial, verbal and emotional abuse.

The Riverdale Jewish Community Partnership is committed to offering support and assistance to anyone who is experiencing abuse in the Riverdale community.  We ask that members of our community partner with us in offering support to any victim of abuse,  and that anyone who knows of an abusive situation please contact their local Rabbi, a mental health professional or one of the following organizations:

Shalom Task Force:

718 337 3700; 888 883 2323

Met Council

Family Violence Services
212 453 9618 (see a short video here)

The Jewish Coalition Against Domestic Abuse (JCADA)
Hotline: 877-88-JCADA

ORA (Organization for Resolution of Agunot)
844 673 5463