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Fun Facts About The Riverdale Y Pool


Hello to friends new and old!

If you have been to the Riverdale Y pool in the past 9 years, you have most likely seen me. If you haven’t been to the pool yet, we’d love to have you join us! Just hit reply to this email with “I want to swim!” and I’ll help you get started.

Fun facts about the Riverdale Y pool…

Salt synergy pool-we make our chlorine on-site by electrically charging salt water, which splits the Sodium Chloride NaCl into Chlorine CI.

Our pool is not as salty as the ocean, though. Our salt level is kept at 4,000 to 4,500 ppm. The ocean is 35,000 ppm.

It takes 2,500 pounds of salt to balance our pool after refilling it with fresh water.

Pool length is 45% of an Olympic pool. An Olympic pool is 50 meters long, ours is 25 yards long.

It’s not only used for lap swimming! We also have open swim, therapy, swim lessons, water aerobics, aqua jogging and so much more.

It’s fully handicap accessible!

As the days get shorter and darker, we are now offering our family members 2 additional reservation times to bring your kiddos to the pool. It’s a great winter alternative when it gets too cold or dark to go to the park.
Infant & toddler open swim on Wednesdays at 10 AM. If you have an infant/toddler with you at home then this would be a great time to come to the pool and meet others. We have tables in the water and a ton of age-appropriate toys.
Family Open Swim on Thursdays at 5:30 PM. Make one reservation per family and bring the kids to the pool to exercise, play, and to meet other kids.

If you need any help making a reservation or have any questions, reply to this email or give me a call at 347-913-4417.

Hope to see you soon,

Jackie Ramirez
Aquatics Director