Hispanic Heritage Month at the Sunday Market


Hispanic Heritage Month at the Sunday Market

It was a cloudy day, and yet the crowd was basking in the bright energetic sounds of Cuban Jazz at the Sunday Market last Sunday!

Riverdale Y celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month with this special concert as part of our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Program (DEI). We hope to have many more events throughout the year that honor different segments of our community.

“Ittetsu Nasuda y Grupo Sabor” brought their band to the Sunday Market to play traditional Cuban songs, Latin jazz and storytelling about the history of Cuban music. While market-goers purchased their specialty foods from the many vendors on site, Grupo Sabor entertained with lively Cuban music while many danced the Mambo and Samba to the uplifting beat.

Grupo Sabor was led by Ittetsu Nasuda, a member of the Riverdale Y and a long time student of Latin Jazz. The group performed pro bono to celebrate the Hispanic Heritage Month.

We want to thank everyone who joined us for this special event. We hoped you enjoyed the performance along with your shopping at the Sunday Market. For those of you who haven’t been, you should give it a try!

The concert was sponsored by Compass Cares, a project created by Compass Real Estate to provide support for social consciousness in our community.

With Compass Cares, our people will give their time and donations locally in ways that are personally meaningful to them — because no one knows a community better than the agents and employees who serve it.


Feel free to check out Ittetsu Nasuda y Grupo Sabor: https://youtu.be/tpfsiBzxC1M