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Leaves are Falling at the Riverdale Y


As we enter Autumn, everyone is eager to view nature’s stunning display of color as foliage slowly changes to fiery fall colors. Whether at home or when traveling through New England, we all are exposed to the annual natural beauty of the fall.

Here at the Riverdale Y, we are celebrating the fall with our own indoor tree, our Giving Tree. Located just to the right as you enter the building from the front, the Riverdale Y Giving Tree is our chance to bring some beauty into our facility and also reach out to you, our members and friends, to ask for help.

Our leaves will only fall if you pick them. Each leaf represents an item that our departments need to help them better serve their participants. There are leaves to pay for senior lunches, to buy iPads for our children’s programs, to provide sets, lighting and equipment for our cultural arts programs, yoga mats for our fitness center, and basketballs for our athletics programs.

There are leaves that can be picked for $10, and there are leaves than can be picked for $1,000. And many in-between.

The leaves are color coded so that you can donate to a specific department, or you can pick one for each department. You can make a large donation or a small donation. Instructions are on the wall next to the tree, and all you have to do is pick the leaf or leaves you want and bring them to the front desk receptionist. When you make your payment, we will replace the leaf you choose with a butterfly or a cloud with your name on it.

We hope to have a full tree of butterflies and a wall of clouds when autumn ends. That would mean that all of our leaves have fallen and our members, program participants, and visitors will all have new materials to help make the Riverdale Y experience better than ever.

Please make Autumn at the Y one of your favorite seasons to donate to the Y and help enhance your and everyone’s experiences here. Remember, as a typical non-profit organization, our fees only cover about 70% of our expenses. Your help in closing that gap will make the Riverdale Y an even better place for everyone.

Thanks for Participating!

Rick Lund
Director of Development

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