MLK Day of Service 2021 – Online

Starting at 9:00 am

Judaism and Justice: Our illuminating sessions will discuss communal responsibility, Dr. King’s powerful writing as seen through the lenses of Jewish text and thought, wellness as seen in Torah and in the social justice sphere, how we can comfort the ill, bereaved, and socially isolated right now, and racial disparities in the healthcare system. A panel discussion will bring together a diverse group of extraordinary advocates for racial equity who will discuss our moral imperative to end systemic racism and pursue justice in our country and throughout the world.

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Starting at 4:00 pm

Climate and Environmental Justice Workshop: Come join a conversation with local representatives from the Jewish Climate Action Network NYC and other Riverdale climate and environmental leaders to explore new climate laws and opportunities for action at the city, state and federal levels. Also, you can find out what you can do locally to support composting, recycling and other ways to care for the environment during the pandemic.

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Judaism and Justice