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My Rewarding Job as Development Director


My Rewarding Job as Development Director

Fundraising has always been a passion of mine. When I was a kid, it was almost as important to me to fill the Jewish National Fund blue and white container I was given at my synagogue as it was to fill my Halloween bag with candy. I figured there’s always enough candy for me, but not for everyone else.

As the Development Director of the Riverdale Y, I continue to try to fill that symbolic blue and white container every day with donations from members and friends of the Y.

The response from the Riverdale Y membership and the community has been energizing. It is fair to say that the generous donations we have received from all of you have helped keep our doors open, particularly since the COVID-19 Pandemic temporarily closed them.

A large number of you have generously donated your continuing membership fees to the Y in lieu of services. We thank you for your continued generosity and confidence. Never before have we been in this position, and we are humbled by the mass generosity.

Many of you (hundreds) have donated generously to our COVID related funds to help us with our social responsibility agenda to feed seniors who suffer from food insecurity, and to continue to provide a stream of online programming to entertain, inform and motivate.

Equally impressive is the number of people who have volunteered and continue to do so to keep our special social responsibility programs running smoothly. Over 70 people have already volunteered to help pack and deliver food for our stay-at-home seniors. Dozens of others have helped us continue our blood drives though the pandemic, helped us teach and moderate ZOOM classes for children and adults, and helped RPAC put on COVID-safe shows for our community. And we never forget how important our volunteers have been for our special Dr. Martin Luther King Day of Service–over 400 volunteers participated earlier this year as volunteers to help nearly a dozen organizations.

Volunteering is giving. These gifts go a long way to keep us going.

Giving of ourselves to the community is what makes Riverdale a special place to live and work. I’m proud to be part of this amazing community. I applaud all of you for your generosity and concern for your fellow citizens.

Thank you from all of us at the Y.