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New Beginnings: Mental Health

Riverdale Y and JASA through Thrive NYC and the NYC Department for the Aging have partnered to provide mental health services by Licensed Mental Health professionals at our New Beginnings Center for Contemporary Adults.


We would like to introduce our JASA Social Worker, Jeff Newman.

Jeff Newman Is a Licensed Marriage and Family therapist as well as a Licensed Master in Social Work. Jeff holds Graduate degrees from both Columbia University school of Social Work in New York City and the University of Phoenix in Phoenix Arizona. Jeff specializes in working with a wide range of client populations and has over 16 years of experience including working in Inpatient Psychiatric facilities, School based Social Work, Substance Abuse treatment programs, Prisons, and Older adults. Jeff was trained dynamically, focusing on the importance of the client/therapist relationship, and is competent in many evidence based treatments including Motivational Interviewing, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. He is a certified Trauma Specialist, and Jeff describes his approach “as one of collaboration and safety, always meeting the individual I am working with where they are at. I allow space for the client to grow and heal at their own individual pace. I believe strongly in the connection between brain health, body health, and spiritual health, and that it is never too late to learn new ways of thinking and establishing new behaviors that promote well being”


The Y’s Older Adult Center Social Worker, Carmen Lopez, can help you decide if therapy is the correct choice for you and facilitate the referral to the JASA Mental Health Clinic.  You can also call the JASA Help Line at (212) 273-5272 and ask to be referred to the DFTA Geriatric Mental Health Clinic at the Riverdale Y.  Presently, Christina is providing confidential individual services via Telehealth and is planning to faciliate a group in January 2022. Stay tuned!

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