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New Beginnings – Older Adult Center


If you’ve ever heard someone say that older adults are a “burden” or a “nuisance;” if you’ve heard someone say they “shouldn’t be able to make their own decisions” or “don’t know what’s best for themselves,” I hope you know how untrue that is.

Everyday at the Riverdale Y, I see how vibrant our older members are and how critical they are to our community.

Ageism – unjust stereotypes, prejudice, or discrimination on the grounds of a person’s age – can have a profound impact on both individuals and the larger society.  It affects physical and mental health, has economic consequences, and can shorten life span.   Like racism and sexism, ageism can become institutionalized in the workplace, healthcare system, and social policy.

At the Riverdale Y, we are committed to challenging ageist assumptions. These assumptions don’t just harm older adults, they harm everyone when we “other” the older adults in our families and communities. And, hopefully, most of us will be older adults one day too!

Here at the Y, we honor and respect older adults, who form a vital component of our rich multigenerational community, for their strengths, wealth of knowledge and experience.

At New Beginnings, our Older Adult Center, volunteers continue to find meaningful engagement in work after retirement. Members of New Beginnings regularly challenge their minds through intellectual exchange and debate, cultural and historical lectures, self-exploration, and exploration of the rich resources of the city in which we live. In our Fitness Center’s exercise programs, older adults often outperform younger peers. We offer intergenerational programs to help dispel harmful stereotypes and prejudices.

Our goal at New Beginnings is to encourage all our members to reach their full potential, whether that lies in mastering a new discipline such as yoga or tai chi, learning chess or mah jongg, or finally getting those salsa steps right. For those who require assistance, we provide a safety net and support. We recognize the reality that some older adults struggle with health issues, disabilities, and other concerns, but do not make negative assumptions about people’s abilities. We’re here to help you live life to its fullest!
If you are 60 or older, please join us at New Beginnings. Membership is free and you can sign up on the second floor of The Riverdale Y or reply to this email and say “I’d like more information.” We look forward to seeing you soon.
– Sharon

Sharon Asherman
Director, Older Adult Center