Our New Website


Our New Website

Dear Members and Friends,

We are delighted to announce our new, cutting edge website, RiverdaleY.org. After months of extensive research into the technological possibilities, and after studying the needs of our users, we’ve rebuilt our website from the ground up. We’re proud to be a pioneer in the JCC network, integrating our CRM with our new website using Daxko’s APIs.

Here’s what it means to you: The site is very user friendly and easy to navigate; It’s completely mobile responsive, because we know you’re always on the go; As we open classes, they are instantly available to you on the website; You can register for programs right here on the site.

We’ve installed smart search engines that can help you find programs based on interest, age-group, and even day of the week.

We’ve also paid a lot of attention to schedules, so you are informed about group fitness classes, senior center activities, and pool and gym schedules. We’ve included a community calendar where you can learn about special events happening all over Riverdale, bringing together various community organizations.

All this we did in an effort to serve you better. It means you can find what you need more quickly, be better informed, and register with less friction. Browse the site and you will find many other delightful features. We’re going to continue tweaking it as we get it off the ground. Feel free to send your reactions and suggestions to tech@RiverdaleY.org

Finally, we have to say thanks to our staff, our partners and funders. Thank you to the Y team for your enthusiastic collaboration. Thank you New Possibilities Group, for your expert custom web design. Thank you to UJA-Federation of New York for your support and leadership since the inception of this project. And as always, thank you, our members and participants for your ongoing support. Here’s to serving you for many generations to come.


Nigel Ryan
Director of Marketing and Communications
The Riverdale Y