Participatory Budgeting NYC Cycle 7 has Officially Begun!


The next cycle of Participatory Budgeting, a process whereby regular citizens get to create projects and then vote on how to allocate $1,000,000 in city funds, has begun!

From NY City Council’s website:

“Through Participatory Budgeting, community members – like you – directly decide how to spend at least $1,000,000 of the public budget in participating Council District. Share your ideas on the map for how things could be better in your community. If you have an idea about how things could work better in your community, share it on the map. After you submit your idea on this Idea Collection Map, your idea will be given to community volunteers, called Budget Delegates. Budget Delegates work in your district to turn ideas into real proposals for a ballot, with input from city agencies. These proposals will be up for a community-wide vote in the spring.”

Click the link below to see when Participatory Budgeting Neighborhood Assemblies, where the Council Member and his staff describe the process and start taking in ideas, are happening in the Riverdale Area!

PB 2017-2018 Assembly Flyer