Pool Reservations


Every day, before visiting the Y, you must complete this health assessment form.

The pool is closed from 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm, Monday – Thursday, in order to do a deep clean between sessions.

daily health check
You must have an active membership in order to access the pool.  Please send an email to membership@riverdaley.org to join.

How to use the reservation tool

Scroll to your desired time below and click “sign up.” You will be prompted to login to GroupExPRO.

If it is your first time making a reservation, click “sign up” on the time you would like to reserve, below. Then, click “Create a Login”. After your login has been created, you will be able to tab-over to login and reserve your spot.

If you get an error message, in the URL bar of the browser, there is a little pop-ups blocked icon near the far right. Click it, check the option to Always Allow, then click Done. Now when you click Sign Up, it will open on a new tab. The cookies message will be gone and you can reserve like normal.

Please note that this login is NOT the same as the one that you use for program registration at the Y, as GroupExPRO is a separate system for reservations only.

By law, you are required to complete the health assessment form everyday before visiting the Y

COVID-19 Pool Safety Plan

Please come to the pool prepared to swim. You may store your personal items on the deck and rinse before and after swimming, in our deck shower. Once you have finished swimming, you may change back into dry clothes in our locker room stalls. Group lessons are operating at a reduced capacity to allow for physical distancing and instructors wear a faceshield at all times. Private lessons are available at all times for all ages and abilities.

Limited Capacity

We will be operating at 33% capacity on a reservation basis.

Pool Hours

Operating hours will be modified temporarily to allow for health screening of all participants, and to enable additional hours for thorough cleaning and disinfecting throughout the day.

Amenities and Programming

Showers and water fountains will be temporarily unavailable upon reopening. However, water bottle refill stations are available.  There is a shower on the pool deck to rinse off before and after swimming.  The basketball courts, lockers, steam room, and sauna will also be closed.


Members are required to wear an acceptable mask that covers their nose and mouth at all times in the Y, unless in the pool. Bandanas, buffs, gaiters, and masks with vents are not acceptable masks.

Health Screening and Temperature Checks

We will be taking the temperatures of our members and our employees and confirming responses to a health screening questionnaire as they enter the gym. Anyone with a temperature of 100°F or higher, or who answers “Yes” to any of the following health questions, will not be given access to the facility.

Have you:

  • Knowingly been in close contact in the past 14 days with anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19 or who has or had symptoms of COVID-19
  • Tested positive for COVID-19 through a diagnostic test in the past 14 days
  • Experienced any symptoms of COVID-19 in the past 14 days
  • Traveled within a state with significant community spread of COVID-19 for longer than 24 hours within the past 14 days

HVAC Modifications

We have upgraded our air filters to MERV-13 for greater air filtration efficiency as it relates to COVID-19.

And as always

You must wear a swim cap and circle swim within your lane by staying to the right of your lane when lap swimming.

Everybody Cleans

Building on our already strong cleaning standards, members are required to disinfect high touch surfaces before and after each use, including in the changing rooms.

Membership Billing

You must have an active membership in order to access the pool. 
Please send an email to membership@riverdaley.org to reactivate.