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We are pleased to bring back the use of our basketball court for our Riverdale Y members and for those looking for private lessons beginning November 5. The process will be the same as accessing the pool and fitness center, where you must make a reservation and complete a health check in advance. Everyone on the court must wear a mask at all times, as well. The court will be split in half, allowing for two different reservations to be made at a time. Members may reserve up to two 30 minute blocks per day. The use of the court is limited to one family living in the same household, or to two people if separate households. Everyone must wear a mask at all times.

Rachel Cutler

General Manager

Being healthy and active is what makes me happy, and fortunately, it is also good for me. Therefore, I am so grateful that making a healthy lifestyle available and accessible…

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Due to the Riverdale Y being a voter site for the special election, our basketball court will have reduced court reservations through March 23.


Everyday, before visiting the Y, you must complete this health assessment form.

daily health check
You must have an active membership in order to access the basketball court.  Please send an email to to join.

How to use the reservation tool

Scroll to your desired time below and click “sign up.” You will be prompted to login to GroupExPRO.

If it is your first time making a reservation, click “sign up” on the time you would like to reserve, below. Then, click “Create a Login”. After your login has been created, you will be able to tab-over to login and reserve your spot.

If you get an error message, in the URL bar of the browser, there is a little pop-ups blocked icon near the far right. Click it, check the option to Always Allow, then click Done. Now when you click Sign Up, it will open on a new tab. The cookies message will be gone and you can reserve like normal.

Please note that this login is NOT the same as the one that you use for program registration at the Y, as GroupExPRO is a separate system for reservations only.

By law, you are required to complete the health assessment form everyday before visiting the Y


Private Basketball Lessons


Gym Schedule

Effective Feb 1 - Dec 31, 2021
You must make a reservation to use the basketball court.

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