Stanley Lane Youth Basketball

Starting this January!


The Stanley Lane Basketball League is back on January 8, 2023. Our league will have four conferences that will be formed from:

Grades 1-2
Grades 3-4
Grades 5-6
Grades 7-8

Each conference will have 2 to 4 teams with a maximum roster of 8 players per team. The league consists of 16 regular games that will be played on Sundays on our basketball court. After the 16 regular games, all teams qualified to play in the playoffs; the playoff semi-final is the best of 3, and the Final is 1 Game Playing full court.

Participants should wear comfortable athletic attire and sneakers and bring a bottle to refill with water. A t-shirt is included in the registration fee.

Note: The playoffs and finals are only for the conference grades 5-8.

All teams from grades 1-8 will play during the playoffs, semi-final and Final.

Who is ready to be the Champion of the 2023 basketball league and learn to be a team player while having fun?!?!?

Registration is now open.

We are excited to announce that Stanley Lane Basketball is an inclusive basketball program for participants of varying abilities. For more information on our inclusion approach, please email

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