Tora Dojo

Tora Dojo - Summer (July, August)

Sensei Mike Fendrich

Tora Dojo is a classical martial arts system, emphasizing breathing and meditation in addition to the physical training. Unique to this Jewish martial arts system are the incorporation of Jewish philosophical concepts within the system, comparing Jewish principles of meditation with those found in Taoism and Buddhism. PARTICIPANTS ARE ALLOWED TO PAY MONTHLY - $80 General Rate/month $65 Member Rate/Month 15 CLASSES - NO CLASS APRIL 2nd MAY 21st and MAY 28th

Day(s) of the week MON

Start date 07/02/2018

End date 08/27/2018

Start time 8:45 PM

End time 9:45 PM

fee range $130.00 - $160.00