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"Friendship... is not something you learn in school. But if you haven't learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven't learned anything." - Muhammad Ali

Kid’s Space – Full Day & Afterschool Program

2021 – 2022

Kid’s Space provides a seamless end to your child’s day. We offer a healthy, kosher snack; free homework assistance with NY State Certified teachers; and a range of enrichment activities, all in a supportive and community-oriented setting led by professionally-trained staff. Enrichment activities may include swim, sports. arts and crafts, STEAM, karate and more!  Transportation to the Riverdale Y is available from select schools in the area.

Kids Space runs on the NYC Public School Calendar as well as the Riverdale Y Jewish Holiday schedule from September to June. Our program begins at school dismissal and runs until 6:30pm.

For more information, or please contact Sam Sullivan at

Bring Kid’s Space to Your School

Does your child’s school not currently offer rich after school programming? Have your school’s administration contact us to bring Kid’s Space to your school.

Free homework assistance made possible by the 

Sam Sullivan

Director, Family & Youth Services

(347) 913-4972

Sam has been with The Riverdale Y since he was two years old. He started in the Early Childhood Center, and has been a part of the after school program…

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Arienny DeJesus

Assistant Director of Kid’s Space at the Y & Inclusion Coordinator

I’ve been working at the Riverdale Y for 3 years now. Throughout the year, I work as a head counselor for the younger grades, usually First and Second Grade. During the…

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Kid’s Space FAQ

What are the hours of Kid’s Space?

Kid’s Space runs from school dismissal time until 6:30PM. Parents are welcome to pick their child up any time before 6:30PM.

What enrichment classes are offered?

Kid’s Space typically offers Sports, Art, Baking, STEAM, Dance, Swim and many more. If a participant is taking any other classes at the Riverdale Y during program time, we will be able to drop them off and pick them up once the class is over.

When children are not in enrichment activities, they have the opportunity to complete homework with NYC Public School teachers as well as the assistance from our counselors.

What schools do we pick up from?

  • PS24
  • PS81
  • Horace Mann
  • Kinneret Day School
  • PEARLS Hawthorne
  • SAR Academy

Kid’s Space at 24 is only open to students at PS24

What happens if schools close due to COVID?

While we are still not certain what school closures will look like during the year, we will follow all Department of Health guidelines for children who are mandated to stay home from school. If your child is not mandated to quarantine, parents will be able to drop children off at the Riverdale Y during regular program hours.

Will you be running school vacation days when school is not in session?

Yes! We will be running school vacation day programs on all NYC public school days off. The price will be $65 for members and all Kid’s Space participants and $80 for non-members. The hours of this program will be 9:00-5:00. We also offer early stay starting at 8:00AM and late stay until 6:00PM for an extra fee of $7 for members and Kid’s Space participants and $10 for non-members.

How are children grouped?

Each of our classes is grouped by grade so children will always be with other similar aged peers. While the ratio of staff to children is legally 1:10, we maintain stricter ratios within Kid’s Space to ensure the safety of all children.

What COVID protocols do you have to ensure a safe environment?

While safety measures are changing often, we will be following all Department of Health guidelines as well as NYC Public School protocols to ensure the safety of all staff and children. At this point, all staff and children will be wearing masks in all enclosed spaces as well as not mixing in with any other groups that are not within their own pod to ensure proper contact tracing can be done in the event of a positive case.

What will happen if PS 24 closes? Will there be space at the Y?

Only if there is space. We won’t be able to accommodate everyone.

Why is the Y more expensive than PS  24? What activities are offered at 24?

Bus from school to the Y is the primary reason. We also offer swim as an optional enrichment activity.


Kid’s Space at PS24



Sam Sullivan

Director, Family & Youth Services

Arienny DeJesus

Assistant Director of Kid's Space at the Y & Inclusion Coordinator