Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities

Thank you for choosing to be a part of the Riverdale Y community. Our volunteers touch the lives of over 5,000 people. We provide access to food; fight loneliness and isolation for people of various ages and needs; take care of our environment; and learn and grow through the many hands-on projects our community needs.

In March, we will be looking for help with:

  • March 10 – 8.30 am at AmPark Norc – Food pantry assistance – Help distribute and deliver food to older folks in need at AmPark Norc (ages 14+)
  • March 12 – 10 am at Riverdale Y – Getting our community garden ready (weather permitting) (ages 14+)
  • March 14 – 12.30 pm at Riverdale Y – Food pantry assistance (ages 14+) – help distribute over 5,000 lbs of food to those in need
  • March 19  – 10 am at Riverdale Y – Packing food for the local community pantries (ages 6+)
  • March 21 – 10 am at Riverdale Y – Help serve and celebrate March Birthdays with our Older Adult Center (ages 14+)
  • March 26 – 10 am at AmPark Norc – Delivering Passover packages to older adults at AmPark Norc (ages 14+)
  • March 30 – 10 am at Riverdale Y – Help serve and celebrate Passover with our Older Adult Center community (ages 14+)

To participate in any of these activities, please register here.

In April, we will be…

  • Celebrating our volunteers during the National Volunteer Month
  • Gardening in our Community Garden for Earth Day
  • Observing Yom HazShoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day)


To sign up for event updates:
Email Alexandra at anyashina@riverdaley.org
Use Instagram with @volunteersof_riverdaley
Use the Facebook group
Use MyImpactPage.com. If you need your username or password reset, please email Alexandra at anyashina@riverdaley.org