Special Events

Every month, the Riverdale Y does amazing events that bring our community together. Whether we run a blood drive, plant flowers to beautify our neighborhood, or get together for a clothing drive, we do it together for the benefit of each other.

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October’s Event:

Plant Daffodils in honor of those affected by COVID19 pandemic.

Meet other like minded individuals who want to work hard in the fall to see the flowers of hope and new beginnings bloom early in the spring; the way we worked hard during the pandemic to slowly see our community start to blossom.

Qualification: This role is for one day only, on October 31, starting 10am. This is a hands-on gardening role, which will be full of physical activity. We will dig holes, put down compost, plant bulbs and cover all this with soil and mulch.

Commitment: We start on October 31 at 10:00 am, and work until we are done. Depending on how many volunteers we have, we may be done as soon as 12:00 pm, or as late as 3:00 pm. The more people we are, the faster we work!