Sunday Fun Day

Create an environment where all people of all backgrounds, ages and interests can get to know each other, through movies, discussions, arts & crafts and other activities.

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Schedule (Sunday schedule only):

  • Movie Magic Volunteers
  • Russian Group Volunteers
  • Movie Themed Volunteers
  • Art for Adults Volunteers
Movie Magic Volunteer

Our role is to create a safe space for families to enjoy screening time.

The task of movie volunteers include being an usher, collecting donations from non members, and verifying members for complimentary admission. Our responsibilities include ensuring that we have emergency contact information for families; turning on and off the movie projector and lights.


  • Must be able to to take directions from the staff
  • Must exhibit patience and kindness
  • Must be responsible with money

Commitment: We ask for a 2 hour commitment per shift. This includes setting up the movies, being an usher, and ensuring families leave safely and on time.

Russian Group Volunteers

The task of the Russian group volunteers is to organize novogodniy utrinik for kids ages 3 – 10 years old. This is a volunteer group of parents with children ages 3 – 10 who, through immersion in Russian language and culture, get to know each other and our community. Space is limited to 10 volunteers and their kids.


  • Must be fluent in Russian
  • Kids must be potty trained, and be able to take direction from adults

Commitment: This is one hour per Sunday, 10 week long group with last meeting on December 26. We request that all volunteers who choose to participate commit to every session.

Movie Themed Group Volunteers

The role of this volunteer is to engage kids in activities that reflects the educational message of the movie. The task of movie themed volunteers is to lead a group of kids in arts & crafts with themes based on the movie watched. Volunteers design a curriculum, ensure that all supplies are present, and interact with kids, ages 3 – 10.


  • All volunteers working with kids directly must be background checked
  • Volunteers working with kids must receive training for this role
  • Volunteers working with kids must be patient, and exhibit kindness and common sense

Commitment: This group meets once a week for 1 hour. Preparation and clean up are mandatory. We request a commitment of 2 hours for each Sunday.

Art for Adults

The role of art volunteers is to run a program that allows professional adults to engage in art creativity while getting to know each other. The tasks include setting up supplies, leading a class in creative art expressions and cleaning up after the class is done.


  • Volunteers must be comfortable creating art
  • Must be physically capable of setting out supplies and cleaning up after the activity

Commitment: This group meets once a week for 1 hour. Preparation and clean up are mandatory. We request a commitment of 2 hours for each Sunday.