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Reimagining Fitness During a Pandemic


Reimagining Fitness During a Pandemic

One could easily rattle off all the ways this pandemic has made our lives harder, and I certainly wouldn’t disagree with you. Maintaining our health and fitness in normal times has proven challenging for most of us at some point in our lives, if not a low-level constant struggle.  But throwing in a pandemic has forced even the best of us to be more creative, resourceful, and disciplined than before…and dare I say more accepting of ourselves and the situation. We have had to let go of our expectations and focus on just making it through.  I am here to offer ways that maybe you thought were too impossible…and to encourage you to consider an option that you would not have been as likely to do in the good old days.


For those of you commuting to work, could you bike instead of drive, or run/walk instead of taking the bus?  You might be thinking it is too cold or wet or far.  For some of you that might be true, and for others, maybe you need to shift your mindset.  Does your hair have to be perfect?  Could you buy a running backpack to bring a change of clothes?  Is there a place to store your bike?  The time you spend commuting could end up pretty close to similar f you trade your method of transportation and possibly save a few bucks in the process while keeping up your health and fitness.

Family Time

For those of you with kids, can you find some family fitness opportunities?  Riverdale Y has family swim and family basketball court time where you can all come in together and play safely.  Or you can drop your child off for swim lessons while you jump into the fitness center. There are also tons of virtual family centered classes if you don’t want to use the Y.

A Cause

Another family friendly option is to sign up for the Riverdale Y Turkey Trot.  This event will provide an opportunity for you to feed seniors in our community while you all get motivated to exercise outside on Thanksgiving.

Healthy Eating

Dining out has become less appealing since the pandemic, not to mention costly and usually much less healthy than making food at home.  Now is a great time to brush up on your cooking skills and turning it into a fun evening for you and your partner and/or your kids.  Take turns picking a recipe and trying it out.

There are tons of resources available, whether they be virtual, outdoors, or in person.  I’d love to help you break down some of your barriers, even if they don’t involve the Riverdale Y.


Rachel Cutler

General Manager, Riverdale Y