Riverdale Y Celebrates Dinowitz/Klein Project Completions


The Riverdale Y had a special day today, bringing Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz and State Senator Jeffrey Klein to our facility to celebrate the completion of two projects to benefit the Riverdale Y and the community.

A new Wheelchair Accessible Playground

Our New “Accessible Playground” will open in a few days for full use. Today, Jeffrey Dinowitz dedicated the playground, admiring the ramps and accessibility that make the playground perfect for all children. Deann Forman, CEO of the Riverdale Y, thanked Assemblyman Dinowitz. “On behalf of the Riverdale Y, we are grateful to Assemblyman Dinowitz for his support that has allowed us to complete this project. The Assemblyman has helped us create a space where all children can play side-by-side regardless of physical challenges. This playground is also great for parents and caregivers with mobility issues. Now they will be able to get onto the climbing structures and have fun with their children.”
Assemblyman Dinowitz, who is a member of the Riverdale Y, said, “I am very pleased to help bring this accessible playground to the Riverdale community. All children in Riverdale deserve a fun place to play with their friends and this playground will help make that happen.”

Forman went on to thank the community for its support. “Some may not realize that our Riverdale Run supporters and participants also had an important role in building this playground. Funds raised from the Riverdale Run were an incremental addition to the Assemblyman’s grant and helped us to complete the project.”

Extensive Pool Renovations

Later the same day, Riverdale Y was treated to a visit by State Senator Jeffrey Klein to dedicate the reopening of the Aquatics Center, which has undergone extensive renovation and modernization thanks to a generous grant from the State (DASNY) authorized by Senator Klein. Today, the aquatics center is upgraded with a new HVAC system so that it provides improved air quality, climate control, and a more pleasant environment for the many children, adults and seniors who use the pool daily. The pool has also been resurfaced and the pool deck has been repaired. In addition, there are a few aesthetic enhancements to make the environment even more welcoming to its many visitors and users. Senator Klein was pleased with the results. “The swimming pool is a major center of activity at the Riverdale Y. I’m happy to have secured these funds so that the many people of all ages who enjoy the pool will have the benefit of safety, modernization, and efficiency. I am proud to help the Y continue its tradition of serving our Bronx population so well.”

Deann Forman responded, “We are extremely grateful for your help in providing the funds for this important renovation. Our members are already remarking how much of an improvement this renovation has made to our facility. We are lucky to have you represent our community, and appreciate all you do for us.”

Please drop by to see the playground and the pool. These are two of the many upgrades to the Y that we are planning. With continued help from our friends in the Assembly and the Senate, and with special donations from our community, we can make the Y even better than it is today.

If you see Assemblyman Dinowitz or Senator Klein in town, please thank them for their generosity to our Y and to our Riverdale community.