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Dylan Healy

After School Counselor

My name’s Dylan, and I’m a general counselor for the Kid’s Space program at the Riverdale Y. This is the first time being a counselor in this program; last summer, I was a counselor for Camp Twelve Trails. Working as a counselor with children has been an extremely enriching experience. The skills I’ve gained talking to the kids and their parents have augmented my experience in talking to others I respect, such as teachers in my school and college officials interested in me. It’s also given me a bit more patience with others than I’ve had before.

While I deal communicate with children and their parents at this job, once I attain my Bachelor’s degree in Biology, I hope to use the communication skills I’ve obtained and developed here working in a lab, or some other science facility.


Working with children, they still have a lot to learn, and I’m more than happy to teach them!