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Jacqueline Ramirez

Aquatics Coordinator

“Can’t stop me” was probably my first motto and the one I live by. I have always been a very active, social and persistent individual who needed a career to match the personality.

Swimming was not something that came natural to me. The first time I took a series of seven classes I was in first grade. By the end of the course all of the other children were able to take the kick board and go across the pool while I was left kicking as hard as I could in one place. Because theses classes were on a scholarship I did not take classes again until my freshman year of high school. In high school I was determined to learn and it took me a whole semester to move from one end to the next but I was determined. It was all downhill from there. I swam in the varsity swim team for the remaining three years and became a lifeguard.

I worked my first summer job as a lifeguard in June of 2007 for Iowa Sports Management. In three months I was promoted to head lifeguard and by January of 2008 I was managing a small condominium pool in the lower west side. I took on the challenge of working full time, being a full time student and athlete. I gain my Water Safety Certification and began teaching swimming. In 2012 after graduating college I gained my Lifeguard instructors Certification where I met the Riverdale Y aquatics director at that time and began co-teaching with her.

I love my job and although I’m proud of my accomplishments I’m constantly looking forward to improve. It can be by gaining more certifications, starting new projects, reading up swimming articles or improving my own stoke. The best part is when I have that one student tell me “I actually did it” because it proves to them that they too  can’t be stopped.