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Julio Santos Paulino

After School Counselor

Julio Santos Paulino is one of our Kids Space counselors, as well as someone who works for our Sports department. Julio has been working at the Riverdale Y for about three years, and throughout that time, he’s worked his way from being a general counselor to Head counselor for our after school program. In the sports department, Julio has worked for the Flag Football and Stanley Lane Basketball leagues, as well as basketball clinics for our students and gym supervision for our open gym evenings. The best part about his job is that he never feels like he’s at work. He looks forward to coming in every day and teaching his students as well as learning from each of the children. Sports is one of Julio’s main talents, which is why he’s decided to study physical education, a field where he sees himself teaching and helping children/teens grow as athletes, but into brilliant adults as well.