Richard Lund

Development Director

Richard “Rick” Lund has had two careers in his life, and has now found a third. He started in marketing research, and built his own company to provide large multinational corporations the help they needed to build their brands. He then went on the create a consulting firm to non-profits, where he raised millions of dollars for education, the elderly, American Veterans, and many other underserved groups.

Rick has now joined the Riverdale Y to be part of our team working to improve the Y, the best family entertainment/sports/learning facility in Riverdale. Rick is responsible for building a sustaining fundraising program to help the Y raise funds to meet the growing needs of our community!

Rick has a wife, Gail and a daughter, Tamara. Gail is an avid reader, Tamara is a producer at an advertising agency, and all three work hard to make Philly, their golden retriever, the happiest dog in America.

Please feel free stop by the Y and say hello to Rick. Don’t worry, he never asks for money at the first meeting.