Ricki VanTosh

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Born in Brooklyn, raised in New Jersey and after living in Manhattan for many years, it was an eye-opening experience moving to the Bronx, where only the pizza place delivered. After a career in book advertising, as account executive and running the Art/Production departments of a boutique agency, I took time to raise my family. This was a joyful time. My children went to the nursery school and camp at the Riverdale Y. It was a place I had made good friends. I became active on committees in our local schools, ran back and forth between playgrounds, sports games/practices, dance and art classes. Years later, I went to work at the Riverdale Y. A major part of my job was just talking to people. I fell in love with a new group of three year olds every year as we waved to each other when they passed my desk each day.


I enjoy spending time with friends and family, reading, doing puzzles, knitting, needlework and painting, going to the movies or bringing on Amazon/Netflix. So far, my favorite places in the world are Scotland and Greece.  I look forward to touring and exploring, taking classes and learning new things. And having many wonderful new adventures.