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The Joy of Volunteering


The Joy of Volunteering

by Hamna Kanwal

Helping one person won’t change the whole world, but it could change the world for one person. Helping doesn’t require a lot of work, simple volunteering is good enough, which is what the Wonderful World of the Y is here for.

I’m a volunteer here at Riverdale Y. I have been since November and participated in many different activities, but I want to tell you specifically about what I did today. The Y had put out a notice asking for donations on daily necessities like toothpaste, and tissues, for those who are homebound due to old age or medical reasons. Today I was organizing the many, many donations the Y received, then packing them into bags with one of each of the different necessities. This act isn’t considered a lot of work, but it for sure made a difference. Each of those bags would be given to those who need it, and I played a role in making that happen.

You don’t have to move mountains to help someone, simple stuff like organizing and packing is enough to take the weight off a person’s shoulders.