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Why the Y?


Why Give to the Y?

If you’ve ever donated money to a charitable organization, there is always a reason why. You may donate because you love your religious organization. You may donate because you or a friend or relatives has suffered from an illness. You may donate because you want to honor someone who is a board member of an important charity.  In fact, there are many reasons why you or anyone else donates to a charitable organization.

Have you ever thought about donating to the Y?

Take a moment to think about why you personally like the Y.

Is it because you like to meet your friends here? For the great workout you get with your trainer? Is it because of the basketball team you play on?  The floor hockey games your kids play? The senior center? The classes your children take here? The camps your children go to? The Cultural Arts programs that aren’t available anywhere else?

I’ll bet everyone reading this loves the Y for his or her own personal reasons. And when thinking about your community, your Y provides scholarships of about $100,000 to our neighbors who cannot afford to take part in what we take for granted. So you might be proud of your Y for its inclusiveness, it’s caring staff, it’s wonderful openness. I’m new here, and I love the Y because it’s a place to meet new friends, to enjoy theater and art, to workout (which I threaten to do everyday!). I love it because it’s a kind, gentle, and welcoming atmosphere.

So I asked myself, “why the Y? Why would people give money to the Y? Why should they?”

Here’s what I think:

  • People give money to the Y because they know that their dues and fees for services and programs cover LESS THAN 70% of all costs, so they dig deeply into their pockets to help defray the expenses that keep the facility clean and up-to-date
  • Maybe they donate to the Y because they realize that without it, the community would not have a 110 year-old institution that has cared for grandparents, parents, children and children’s children for over a century, and there is nothing like it in our community
  • Some might say they give money to the Y because they can help to pay for additional programming, for new lockers, for updated equipment, for a better theater, or for special events held nowhere else
  • There are people who might give to help fund the scholarships that help the less fortunate in our community enjoy the benefits.

And here’s what else I think – there is no one in the community who wouldn’t make a donation to the Y if they thought about how important it would be to their family, their friends, and the community as a whole.
We are all part of a family that began 110 years ago, and is still going strong. Despite hardships, handicaps, difficult economies, and rising costs for doing any type of business, we are still here. Your family is still here.

So, when it comes to giving a donation, “Why the Y?”

Because it’s your “Y”. That’s why.

Thanks for Reading,

Rick Lund

Development Director

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